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Why should you use a fitness tracker to get a killer body

Why should you use a fitness tracker

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An effective workout starts with a personalized fitness plan tohelp increase motivation, obtain the desired results, and minimize injuries. That’s why it is important to know how your body and mind respond to physical activity. Tracking your body functions, such as heart rate, calories burnt, steps, distance, etc. should be an essential part of our fitness plan. So why should you use a fitness watch not only to track your progress but to achieve the body of your dreams?

Tracking your fitness performance helps you stay motivated to work out and adjust your fitness plan. Also, you can get the big picture of your overall health. The health data on the tracker will help you set up realistic goals and design a workout plan that is right for your needs. You will be ahead of the game and in control which will increment self-confidence, sense of responsibility, and motivation. Therefore, monitoring our performance is an important aspect of our fitness plan.

We exercise to either lose weight, keep in shape, add muscle, or reach other goals. I always keep in mind that without a workout program, there are no fitness goals. No matter how we exercise we always expect to see the results.

You may think you don’t need to monitor your workout or just decided to stop doing so. However, in this post, we will show you the importance of tracking your fitness progress. This smart approach will change your mindset about fitness and will make you aware of your body. Also, how self-monitoring your workout also helps you to design a customized fitness program so you can stay focused on your goals.

This article will help you understand why tracking your fitness performance is a great way to maximize your workout plan 5o help you reach your goals.

Why should you care about using a fitness tracker during a workout?

Your fitness plan may have been working out. You may be satisfied with your results without tracking your performance. However, have you wondered if your plan may need to be adjusted? How do you know you need more challenges or to slow down? Keep in mind how necessary it is to know whether your fitness plan is working for you.

Also. your exercise routine should be individual and personalized. Meaning, your program should be created or adjusted based on your health data and stats. Therefore, it’s very important to self monitor your physical performance. This is not only a strategy to reach your fitness goals but also a key part of your workout.

Wearing a fitness tracker will help you get an idea of your progress. Also, it will help you determine which stats or metrics you need to improve. In this case, the more you know about your body the better. Besides, many have benefited from tracking their fitness performance to obtain the desired results in less time and avoid injuries.

Additionally, knowing your heart rate, distance, calories burnt, steps, and time can help you monitor your physical activity such as walking or running. This will show you that fitness is not about quantity but quality. You can exercise at a very high intensity but is your body reacting positively or is it overdoing it? That’s when fitness watches become a helpful tool.

Also, there are activity trackers or multisport watches that track specific sports. They will show you the stats and even offer you guidance. The bottom line is that tracking your fitness performance not only will avoid injuries but you will obtain the results you wanted.

How do fitness watches track your activity and health data?

When you wear either a smartwatch or fitness tracker, depending on the features, your heart rate, activity, or other metrics can be collected as you move throughout the day and night.

For example, burnt calories can be tracked during your physical activity either workout, sports, or any activities such as gardening, hiking, dancing, yoga, and others. More sophisticated fitness wearables can track active calories and resting calories which helps you find out if you are active enough.

Also, sleep quality can be monitored while you sleep. Depending on the tracker it can record your deep sleep and REM sleep, besides the usual total sleep hours.

Nowadays, fitness wearables technology offers a great variety of smart bracelets for each preference, needs, activity level, goals, and even health conditions.

Besides, you will find fitness watches for specific sports or physical activity such as running, gymnastics, weight lifting, and more. Everyone can wear fitness wearables to track their favorite activities or hobbies which would help you improve fitness levels and your sports performance.

Many fitness trackers or smartwatches feature to allow you to add challenges to push yourself more and a dashboard to help you understand your stats.

Also, many of them when showing your insights which give you a real-time analysis of any patterns and help you reach your goals.

Awesome, isn’t it?

See no fitness results yet? Wear a fitness watch to find out why

If you want to reach your fitness goals then knowing how you perform is a must. Believe it or not when you self-monitor your progress you will be getting not only statistics but also how your body reacts to a workout or any physical activities.

For example, tracking your performance will give you an insight into your heart health. Also, monitoring your heart rate or your stress levels can tell if you are over-exercising which can cause injuries.

Using a fitness watch can teach us that quality is better than quantity. Sometimes exercising a lot not necessarily means reaching your goals in less time.

Have you thought about it how much your fitness levels have changed in a couple of years? So are you exercising the same way you did 10 years ago? How do you determine if your body can take more physical challenges over the years?

Before fitness wearables ever existed, I have seen many people running marathons, doing aerobics, and even jogging that never monitored the progress or they didn’t do it as much. However, this has lead to premature aging, a stressed heart, and injuries.

Now thanks to technology, many athletes, fitness enthusiasts or beginners can improve their performance and physical condition safely and in less time.

What happens if you do not monitor your fitness progress?

If you decided not to use a fitness tracker that’s okay. However, you may be missing an important piece of information about yourself. Besides, it may be a little bit harder to reach your fitness goals.

One thing for sure is that not monitoring your progress will mean your fitness motivation may decline over time or you will no longer push yourself.

Also, it may mean that you might not have any specific fitness program to follow. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons people stop working out.

Fitness goals are the reason why people want to workout. And monitoring your plan is a great way to stick to an efficient workout plan. Also, it will be easier to set up realistic fitness goals using your health data.

How can fitness trackers help achieve a great body

As we stated earlier, using a fitness tracker to monitor your progress can help you achieve your goals. This is a smart way to know if your fitness program is working. Also, you will know how well you are doing. And most importantly, it will tell you whether you are more likely to reach your goal.

Moreover, using a fitness tracker is also a smart approach to a more goal-specific program. However, a fitness watch is just a helpful and useful tool used to monitor your workout. Keep in mind the more you stay active the more data will be collected. As a result, it will help you find any health patterns or find out if you are exercising enough.

The more information you have about your progress the more you will become aware of your health and fitness. Also, the data will help you add more challenges, get personalized tips, and helpful health stats.

If you are unmotivated to exercise or are a beginner, you want to track your performance. It will help you stick to your program, learn more about what can be improved, and keep you encouraged.

Better results not only means reaching your goals but also improving your physical and mental health. Another example: over-exercising cause higher stress levels or heart rate.

If you have no idea how to start, there are many great fitness applications like FitOn that feature many types of workouts that fit your goals and needs. I use it and it keeps me motivated while I keep monitoring my progress.

Walking or jogging are also great exercises. It is important to consult with your doctor before committing to a fitness program.

Benefits of using a fitness watch to track your performance

Wearing a fitness tracker either during a workout or doing any type of activity, the only thing you need to worry about is to keep moving.

A couple of minutes after you start moving, your fitness watch will collect the data, depending on your tracker’s features. You can see your stats whenever you want and help you determine if your plan is working.

You will be surprised at the many benefits of monitoring your performance that you will change your mind about working out.

Here are the benefits of using a fitness tracker to help you keep in shape:

  • Simplifies your workout.

You will focus on yourself more and will stick to a fitness plan that fits your needs. If you are a beginner you will find it easier to stay active.

  • It helps you obtain the results sooner.

Depending on the intensity, frequency, and persistence you may see your results sooner. If you design your fitness plan according to your fitness stats you might see Improvements quicker than expected.

  • A sense of accountability.

Knowing your numbers will encourage you to take your workout to the next level, stick to the plan, and make the necessary adjustments. It will give you a sense of responsibility to take care of yourself and transform your lifestyle into a healthy one.

  • You will know where you stand.

Monitoring your performance will give you an idea of your fitness level, heart health, and overall health. Being aware of where you stand will give you a big idea of what you need to be done to reach your goals.

  • Share your health data with your doctor.

In many cases, you can share your stats with your doctor. It is a great way to help him diagnose or prevent any illness or conditions. It’s very important to have satisfactory communication with your physician.

  • It helps you to design the right fitness plan for you.

The best workout is the one that fits your needs and fitness levels. You will work out at your own pace, intensity, and frequency which helps obtain optimum results.

  • Fuels your motivation.

Monitoring your bodily functions such as heart rate, steps, etc. can say a lot about your fitness performance and overall health. You will be motivated to exercise and take care of yourself.

  • Prevents health conditions.

Tracking your progress is a great way to stay active which also helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, among others.

  • It helps you focus on yourself.

Checking your health data helps you focus on yourself only. You can compete against yourself which helps you to improve your performance.

  • You will see the desired results sooner.

Following a workout plan based on your health data and your stats can get you the desired results consistently. You can adjust your program accordingly if needed. If you are using a trainer you can share your data with them.

How to effectively self-monitor your progress with fitness wearables

Tracking your fitness progress can do wonders for your body. These tips will help you track your fitness progress to simplify your workout. For starters, keep in mind that they are easy to use depending on the many features they offer.

For example, a fitness watch like the Garmin vívosmart HR which is easy to use and comfortable. It tracks distance, calories, steps, floors climbed, and intensity. To maximize your fitness plan you can find the Garmin Vivosmart HR here.

Here are some tips to help you become familiar with your device and the best way to monitor your performance:

  • Find a fitness tracker that fits your goals and fitness level.

    You don’t have to spend lots of dollars to find a decent activity tracker. If you like to walk or jog just find a device that has basic features, such as heart rate, steps taken, calories, time, and distance. Keep in mind that the more features it has the more you will have to pay.

  • Like any other device, read the user manual and instructions.

    You will discover features and how to get the most of them.

  • Set up your goals.

    Whether it is losing weight or keeping in shape setting up a goal will help you choose the type of workout you need.

  • Enter the data into the fitness application.

    If your fitness tracker application requests you to manually enter your data such as age, weight, and height it is very important to obtain personalized suggestions.

  • Be positive.

    My dear reader, it is very important to stay optimistic so that you can reach your fitness goals.

  • Always wear your fitness activity tracker.

    If you put it away you will not know how great you are doing!

  • Use your health data to see if your fitness plan is working.

    One of the advantages of tracking your progress is that you will know if your workout is working or needs an adjustment.

What if there’s no reason for you to wear a fitness watch?

If you just bought an activity tracker but you don’t want to use it anymore you can try to return it and get a refund depending on the store’s policy.

Otherwise, you will have to give it to someone else or re-sell it. Read the user manual, go to the merchant’s web site, or check any videos. The only way to know if a product works for you is by trying for a month or so.

It sounds crazy but for some people writing down their thoughts, what they like or don’t like about the product will help it work for you. You may realize that you may have found the fitness tracker you need.

Some users get intimidated when using a product for the first time. Take your time on knowing your fitness tracker by reading the manual or go to the merchants’ web site.


The bottom line is working out is more than shedding a couple of pounds or getting in shape. With a great variety of smart fitness watches, there is no doubt we are constantly getting more aware of our bodies.

So, tracking our fitness progress should be part of our workout plan. Although you can stay active without wearing fitness wearables knowing how you are doing is a smart way to train safely to avoid overdoing it which can cause injuries.

You may have realized that working out is not only about conditioning your body but also about your mind so it is very important to self monitor your fitness progress so that you can have a big picture of your health.

We hope that our post “Why should you use a fitness tracker to get a killer body” will help you stay motivated and walk toward a healthy lifestyle.

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