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10 best fitness trackers for weight loss to have right now

10 best fitness trackers for weight loss to have right now

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An effective fitness plan starts with a dose of motivation, a healthy diet, and a positive attitude. However, to ensure great results, you need to know if your fitness plan is effective to avoid injuries and get the best results. Nowadays, you can find many fitness trackers with many features that can help you in your weight loss journey. They may help you get a better picture of your heart health, check your fitness progress, or to avoid any injuries.

So what can we do to make our workout routine work?

As part of your fitness plan, monitoring your fitness progress plays a huge and definitive role in your fitness plan. For example, you can check your heart rate during your physical activity to find out if you are exercising at the right intensity. Not only it will help you improve your quality of life but it also will help you reach your fitness goals.

Using a smart fitness watch during your workout is another great way to be more aware of your body. It will also help you stick to an effective fitness plan that will give you better results.

It also helps to increase your motivation, take care of yourself, and keep moving. These great smart fitness gadgets can monitor your heart rate continuously or manually. Others can track more than one sport or can monitor levels of your stress levels.

Many fitness trackers featuring a ‘move alert’ help you stay active and notify you when you are sitting for a long time. Other companion applications have even a setting that reminds you of the time to drink water.

Why you should use a fitness tracker to slim down?

Smart bracelets or fitness trackers are very popular these days. From professionals to athletes, most of them seem to enjoy the benefits of wearing fitness wearables to improve fitness performance and lifestyle.

The least that a fitness tracker can do is monitor heart rate, count steps, or track calories. However, you will find that many will do even much more. So, why not indulge and wear one, not because they can be stylish, but as a way to improve your quality of life?

A smart bracelet can tell you a lot about yourself that you did not know or expect. Their many features fit most users’ needs depending on their fitness goals, fitness levels, overall health, and lifestyle.

Just imagine yourself monitoring, not only steps and heart rate but also your calories burnt, heart rate zone, and sleep quality. Not only you would have a pretty big picture of your health, but also a way to resolve any health issues and even share your health data with your doctor to help him diagnose or prevent any health problems.

How can they help you lose weight?

We have explained why you should wear a smart bracelet. Now we will explain how fitness trackers can help you lose weight.

If you tried many ways to stay active without any success, a smart bracelet can be a way to get your motivation back. Why? Because wearing a fitness tracker will change the way you exercise forever. When you monitor your performance during your workout, you will learn a lot about your body, customize your workout routine, and even avoids injuries, among other benefits.

Also, wearing a fitness tracker to help you lose weight will give you a sense of responsibility and accountability. Also, adjusting your workout plan based on the health data will help you reach your fitness goals.

Although fitness trackers can help you lose weight, persistence, and motivation will make a big difference. You don’t have to buy a sophisticated one that tracks heart rate, calories, and steps. As long as you stay active and stick to your fitness plan you will see great results. But when? That depends on your commitment, persistence, and level of motivation.

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What are the 10 best activity trackers for weight loss

Searching for a smart fitness watch is not easy with the ever-growing options you can find in the fitness technology market. With you in mind, we have researched many fitness trackers available right now. We picked them based on product research, my own/other people’s experiences, and market analysis.

The following list will help you make a decision based on our suggestions and the features that each fitness tracker has to offer. What is good for me is not necessarily good for you. The great thing about fitness trackers is that they are constantly innovating and improving their functionality, style, and features to deliver a better user experience.

The best smart bracelet is the one you wear to monitor your fitness progress every time you exercise as a minimum to reach your goals. Keep in mind that fitness is not a fashion but a lifestyle!

Here are 10 smart fitness trackers designed to help you in your weight loss, optimize your workout, reach your fitness goals, and stay motivated:

  • Fitbit Versa 4

The Fitbit Versa 3 offers features such as an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking, as well as a built-in GPS and Alexa. Additionally, you can access on-screen workouts and personalized coaching, making it a great choice for those looking to lose weight.

It tracks your all-day activity, monitors your heart rate 24/7, and also, your sleep stages. Also, it has a 6+ day battery life depending on use and other factors. On top of that, it is water-resistant to 50 meters. It can track 40+ exercise modes and has personalized on-screen coaching.

Another functionality I like about Versa 4 is Active Zone Minutes to calculate the time you spend in the fat burn, cardio, and peak heart rate zones during physical activity. This feature uses your age, resting heart rate, and fitness level to calculate your Active Zone Minutes in each heart rate zone.

Take your workout to the next level and move more with this popular smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts today!

  • Fitbit Charge 5

This advanced fitness tracker is a great option for those looking to lose weight. It offers features such as a heart rate monitor, stress monitor, and sleep tracking. It also features Daily Readiness which uses your activity data, heart variability, and sleep metrics to determine if your body is ready for exercise or needs to recover. This function requires a Fitbit Premium subscription.

It can send you low/high heart rate notifications and monitor your heart rate continuously. It also has a brighter touchscreen (twice brighter than Charge 4 in daylight).

Charge 5 includes a Health Metrics Dashboard that monitors skin temperature variation, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and other metrics.

Additionally, it has a built-in GPS that can track your outdoor activities and provide more accurate calorie burn estimates. The Charge 5 also comes with Fitbit 6-month premium membership, which offers personalized guidance and motivation.

Battery life is around 7 days depending on the features you use and usage.

Learn more about this stylish Fitbit fitness tracker with GPS to help you stay motivated to reach your goals!

  • Amazfit GTS 2e

With a 14-day battery life, Amazfit GTS 2e boasts GPS (plus GLONASS!) built-in and Alexa voice assistance. So, if you are looking for the perfect wrist companion the Amazfit Bip is worth the money.

It features 90+ sports modes and automatic detection of your physical activity so you do not have to add them manually. Also, it is 5 ATM water resistant so you can wear it while you swim and take a shower.

It features continuous heart rate and monitors real-time steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Discover more about this fashionable and light smartwatch today!

  • Polar H10 heart rate monitor chest strap

Although this fitness tracker is not a watch but uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone or other devices. Also, it works with many fitness watches such as Polar, Apple, Garmin, and Suunto. It can use Strava and Nike fitness apps and all heart rate monitor-compatible cardio equipment.

Using the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history, Polar H10 is waterproof up to 30 meters and offers a built-in memory for one training session. The strap is machine washable and connects/transfers data via Bluetooth, ANT+, and 5 kHz.

Polar H10 is user-friendly, comfortable, and interference-free. You can use it while cycling, walking, running, or swimming. Battery life is 400 hours before replacement is needed.

Get this easy-to-use fitness tracker with a chest strap today and simplify your workout routine!

  • Amazfit Band 7

Boasting a 1.47″ Always-on and HD AMOLED display, battery life is up to 18 days and up to 28 days with a battery saver mode. For an economical price, Amazfit Band 7 offers 120 sports modes, including running, yoga, and swimming. Water resistance is 50 meters.

It measures, blood oxygen, stress, and heart rate simultaneously in 45 seconds to help you understand your body trends. Sleep quality is also tracked and also menstrual cycle monitoring.

Learn more about this fitness tracker with long battery life and improve your fitness performance today!

  • Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945 is a GPS smartwatch for runners and triathletes. It has an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and built-in GPS (plus GLONASS and Galileo!), as well as advanced training features such as training load, recovery time, and VO2 max estimates.

It also alerts you if your heart rate is too low or too high while you are resting. Battery life is 10 hours in GPS mode and music or up to 60 hours in “Ultratrac mode”. The watch screen resolution is 240 x 240 pixels and features a color map guide to make your running experience a fun and safe one!

Also, count steps, calories, and distance and it motivates you to move when you are sitting too long. Besides, you can see incoming emails, text messages, call alerts, and calendar reminders from your compatible smartphone.

Improve your fitness performance with this fitness tracker for running we found on Amazon!

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7

If you want to get a quality smartwatch without breaking the bank Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 is the way to go. With its 1.62″ easy-to-read and control AMOLED Display, this affordable fitness tracker supports more than 110 sports modes.

It has a 5 ATM water resistance so you can enjoy pool swimming and snorkeling. Also, it features notifications for low oxygen levels (<90%) and over 100 + Dynamic Band Faces you can choose from.

Additionally, this Xiaomi fitness tracker monitors your heart rate continuously and tracks your sleep quality. It includes the “Training effect” feature that tells you the level of improvement of your aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

Find out more about this affordable fitness watch and train smarter!

  • Garmin Venu 2

Featuring a crystal clear AMOLED and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, Garmin Venu 2 has a long battery life of up to 11 days in smartwatch mode. You can download up to 650 from Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer (may require a premium membership).

Also, it offers more than 25 preloaded sports applications, including cardio, walking, ruining, strength, and Pilates. If running is part of your fitness routine, you can prepare for your next challenge with the Garmin adaptive training plans.

Other functionalities included: Garmin Pay, smart notifications, incident detection (during outdoor activities), Body Battery levels, fitness age, stress tracking, and more.

Know more about this comfortable and fashionable smartwatch for your active lifestyle today!

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has an advanced Sleeping Coach that tracks your sleep quality and helps you how to improve it. Also, you can get data about your body fat, skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, and body mass index (BMI). It features a curved BioActive Sensor that continuously tracks your heart rate and also has a blood pressure sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers a built-in GPS with voice navigation and Auto Workout Tracking that can detect activities such as running, walking, swimming, cycling, and more. Additionally, it can manually track 90 workouts, including HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

The sapphire crystal glass watch face is 1.6 times stronger which makes it resistant and durable.

Improve your fitness levels and stay connected with this advanced fitness tracker with sleep monitoring now!

  • Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the most popular smartwatches on Amazon. This advanced fitness smartwatch boasts advanced sensors, an edge-to-edge display, and IP6X dust resistance certification. It is easy to read with the Always-On Retina display and a 20% bigger screen than Apple Watch SE.

It has great safety features such as Emergency SOS, Fall detection, and Crash detection. Also included: temperature sensing, oxygen tracking, irregular rhythms alerts, high/low heart rate notifications, and sleep tracker.

Additionally, Apple Watch Series 8 is crack-resistant and swim-proof (up to 50 meters). Battery life is up to 18 hours. You can customize your Apple Watch with many interchangeable bands and watch faces to choose from. It includes 3 months of Apple Fitness+ free.

Discover more about this beginner-friendly fitness tracker today while you train smarter and stay connected.

What if your fitness tracker is not helping in reaching your goals?

I will tell you something you may not hear anywhere: Although I think smartwatches or fitness trackers can benefit you in many ways, they are not made for everyone. One of the reasons why a smart bracelet may not work for them is that they rely on them to lose weight or to reach their fitness goals. That would happen in a perfect world. However, in real life, good results come with persistence, patience, and motivation.

Fitness trackers assist us to make our workouts more effective and exciting. However, many people complain that these awesome devices are not delivering the user experience they were expecting and even they have gained weight. Many have ditched their trackers because they did not help them reach their fitness goals.

However, you don’t have to throw yours away. If you are having the same situation keep in mind that fitness trackers are not perfect. They can be your companion, guide, and even your coach to help you say active and healthy. However, because they are not perfect we have to know how to use them.

For example, if you do not wear your fitness tracker every day, even though you are not exercising, you will not have a bigger picture of your overall health or even fitness levels. Another important thing to have in mind, while exercising can transform your life, the way you eat also will make a big difference.

What to keep in mind when wearing one

It is important to know that you need to do a couple of things to reach any fitness goals from losing weight to keeping in shape. Not only following your on-screen coach’s suggestions but eating with moderation and being committed.

Keep in mind that staying active can add years to your life and your body will thank you. The reality is that whether you wear a fitness tracker or not it is very important to keep moving to prevent health conditions.

My rule of thumb: Don’t get obsessed over calories or other numbers in general. No fitness trackers are 100% accurate. Keep in mind that numbers are estimated. However, you can use health data as a guide to reaching your fitness goals.

Use the stats or health data to improve your performance, make adjustments to your fitness plan, and correct bad habits. Review your results and use them to set up realistic goals. They will keep you motivated because you will know where you stand.

It is important not to obsess with the numbers. For some people burning 300 calories is harder than for others. Just listen to your body, wear your fitness tracker every day, stay active and you will see good results.

If you don’t know how many calories you should eat, a dietitian or your doctor can help you with that. Remember that a fitness tracker uses the information you enter in your profile such as age, weight, height, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. to send you personalized feedback. However, the information should be used as a guide. If you have a health condition you need to consult your doctor before you start a fitness routine.


We hope that you liked our list of the best fitness trackers for weight loss and helped you make a decision.

Wearing a smart fitness tracker while doing your workout or any physical activity can help you stay motivated to keep moving. This smart wrist companion will help you achieve a more realistic fitness goal using your health data. However, it takes time, patience, and persistence to see the desired results.

Trying to reach a fitness goal is a process that will take time, dedication, and commitment. Some days will be better than others but don’t give up. Great results come with hard work.

Do not put your health band away and keep moving towards your fitness goals. You will feel even more motivated as you monitor your progress and achieve many health improvements. We will continue updating this article to help you find the best smart fitness watches for your needs.

Keep in mind that a fitness tracker is your coach to help you customize and stick to your fitness plan. However, your attitude, persistence, and motivation will mabke a big difference.