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How to use a fitness watch to smash your goals

Why your fitness tracker is not helping reach your goals?

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Fitness watches are designed to encourage motivation, monitor progress, and help you obtain the desired results. They can help us avoid injuries and even help prevent health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. You may have bought one with the hope of improving your health, shedding some pounds, and even staying active. However, the results may not be as you had expected. Or you may be asking yourself why your fitness tracker is not helping you achieve your goals.

As a result, you may be asking yourself what you did wrong. Believe it or not, many people may be facing the same experience as you.

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You may find this surprising but many users may have gained weight since they started to use a fitness tracker. So why a device that was supposed to motivate you is not helping get the results you wanted?

According to the American Heart Association, wearing fitness watches can help you set up “specific goals” which inspires you to see your progress and stay motivated. You can see their article here.

However, many users have encountered many problems trying to reach their fitness goals since they started to monitor their progress.

Life is about choices, so any decision you take will affect our lives in the short or long term. How you use health data will make a difference in your goals.

Do you have a fitness watch but you don’t know which type you have? No worries. We will help you figure it out.

If you do not know how to turn on, charge, or set up a fitness tracker, you can consult your user’s manual. Their functions and specifications differ depending on the brand, model, and company.

Do you want to know how to connect a fitness tracker to a phone? You can find instructions in one of our articles here.

Please note that this informative post will show you how to use a fitness watch as a smart way to reach your goals… Safe and simple. We will provide you with very helpful tips on how to get the most out of your fitness watch to stay engaged.

Knowing your fitness wearable will help you stay strong and inspired. It does not make any sense buying the best fitness tracker like Fitbit, Garmin, or a favorite brand if you don’t get to know it, right?

Wearing a fitness tracker to improve physical condition

Amazingly, a small device like a fitness wearable can tell a lot about your physical condition and general health. They can track calories burned, heart rate, stress levels, intensity, steps taken, and even physical activity.

The data on the device is just a number but what you do with this important piece of information can make a big difference. You can get good use of the health data on the fitness watch to not only know where you stand but also to help you improve your performance and reach your goals. Also, you can share it with your doctor to help diagnose any health conditions or identify health trends. Besides, you can get an insight into your health.

So how to use a fitness watch to stay in the game?

It is very important to wear your fitness tracker even when you are not working out to make sure a good amount of health data is collected.

Collecting more data means knowing more about your body which will make you awarer, learn what it needs and how to improve your performance. Working out will be a more exciting and rewarding experience.

Monitoring your progress is a great way to know where you stand and you can use stats to exercise the right way without over-exercising. It will also help you avoid injuries or any sprains. That’s why a fitness tracker can also help you take care of yourself.

Besides, make sure you enter as much information as possible such as age, weight, height, heart rate, blood pressure, or even measurements, to make sure you receive personalized feedback or recommendations. This will help you reach your goals to improve your quality of life.

How to help improve your fitness wearable accuracy

One of the reasons why users give up on their fitness watches is because the health data may not make any sense.

Like any fitness tracker, physiology, the location of the device, band tightness, and different movements can affect accuracy. The below tips will help you improve your smart wristband’s accuracy which can help you reach your fitness goals.

Although they are not 100% accurate or perfect, this is what you can do to get the most out of your fitness watch and improve their accuracy:

  • Make sure you use a fitness tracker on your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed your device should be worn on your left hand.
  • Enter your weight, height, age, or any applicable information to get more personalized feedback.
  • Calibrating it would help. Many fitness watches with heart rate monitors have a heart rate calibration which can be found in the companion app’s setting.
  • Also, you can set your stride or pool length in some trackers which help obtain more accurate stats.
  • Make sure to navigate through your app and you have entered all the information in the profile
  • It is important to update the firmware of the application which can resolve many issues and improve functionality.

Although you may not get the most accurate stats you will get an idea of how you stand. The health data on your smart wristband can be used as a guide to help you reach your goals.

How to get the most out of your fitness watch

I know you have heard all over the internet that fitness trackers can make you gain weight. However, you need to answer yourself this question: “Are smartwatches or smart wristbands supposed to encourage us to shed some pounds?”

My honest opinion is no. Fitness wearables are tools that track your vital signs and physical activities to help us reach our fitness goals, stay active, and enhance our lifestyle.

Also, wearing a fitness watch pushes you to keep going which means that you will stay active. It is a great way to simplify your workout without going to a gym. For example, you can use the health data to workout at the right intensity to avoid injuries and overdoing it.

Keep in mind that fitness trackers won’t make you lose or gain weight. You are the only one who can make changes and make it happen. Besides, you can reach your fitness goals with or without a fitness tracker.

Also, you can design a customized workout using your progress so you can target the areas you need to improve. Besides, you can track any sports or hobbies such as basketball, weight lifting, or dancing to get useful and personalized feedback.

The following tips will show you how to use your fitness tracker to keep working toward your goals safely and effectively:

Keep in mind that your fitness watch is just a tool

Wearing a fitness tracker may help you reach your fitness goals. It is a great way to monitor your progress to help you reach your fitness goals. However, your persistence will make a big difference.

Know your fitness wearable

If you want to achieve your goals you need to know the type of fitness tracker you have. Not only you can read the instructions manual but also explore it to learn how to use your fitness watch and get the most of it. If you do not have one yet, our article How To Choose A Fitness Watch: Your Most Essential Guide will help you find the right one to ensure long-lasting engagement and great user experience.

Remember that you will do most of the job

No matter how functional your smart wristband is, keep in mind that staying active and working out is what will improve your quality of life.

Be positive

Your optimism will help you stay motivated. Even if you feel that you can’t reach your goals, keep moving, and stay focused. Good results take time and patience. Don’t think about it too much. Keep moving and let your fitness watch do the job. You will see the results sooner than later.

Visualize your results

A great way to stay focused and positive is to visualize reaching your goals. You will feel motivated and looking forward to the next workout.

Using a fitness watch during your workout will help you stay focused and inspired.

Accept your body

Our bodies are unique, although not perfect. Love your body and take care of it. Keep moving and you will see your improvements.

Do not to judge yourself

Ever since I started to use a fitness watch during my workout is that I know my progress. It keeps me inspired. Even though we will have our good and bad days, never judge yourself. For example, if you skip your workout just stay active. Do some gardening or go for a walk. Remember that tomorrow is a new day to do things better.

Understand that your health data is just a guide

As we mentioned earlier a fitness watch is not a perfect tool. Therefore, we should treat health data as a guide to help us improve our performance and reach our fitness goals.

You can do it!

The sky’s the limit and when it comes to fitness you can attain your fitness goals. Just be optimistic, stay focused, and keep moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Persistence, motivation, and discipline are important to reach your goal

Whether you use a fitness watch or not during your workout it is very important to continue exercising and focus on your fitness goals. For it to do the job, you need to continue moving and staying active.

Resting is part of your fitness plan

Believe it or not, taking a break from your workout is very important because it is part of the process of building muscle, and strength. Also, resting allows your body to rebuild.

You are what you eat

Eating a balanced diet which includes lots of fruits and veggies can help you reach your fitness goal. However, we strongly advise you to talk with your doctor or nutritionist about a diet that fits your needs or health condition.

Why is your fitness tracker not helping as you expected?

Before you jump into any conclusions, decide to throw or put your fitness watch away here are the reasons it may not be working the way it is supposed to:

You may be giving up too soon

This is a very common reason why people get frustrated. I had felt like that before. Once you decide to use a fitness watch it is best to focus on your workout out first so that it can collect as much fitness data as possible.

Keep in mind that you may start to see the results in a couple of months depending on the type of workout, your diet, frequency, intensity, and other factors. Also, it takes, not only time to see the results but also patience and persistence.

Unrealistic goals

Review your health data on your fitness watch or pay attention to how your body reacts to every exercise. Set up goals using your data. This will keep you motivated and will make you aware of your body.

You may not be familiar with your fitness tracker

It is very important to know your fitness tracker and its features to have a better user experience. Read the user’s manual to discover the functions and how each feature works. You will enjoy it, even more, wearing it during your workout.

Lack of motivation

Fitness watches are tools that help motivate us but if you don’t feel inspired think about the benefits of exercising and how it can transform your life.

You don’t use it every day

Yep, you need to wear it all the time so your tracker collects health data even when you are not exercising. This can help you determine if you are active even when you are not working out.

You are not active enough

Working out is not the only physical activity you should be doing. Try to be active when you are not exercising. For example, you can walk a couple of times at lunchtime or try hiking on the weekends.

Your attitude about fitness

Keep in mind that fitness is not a fashion but a lifestyle. Being active is as important as breathing. Working out not only makes us stronger but also strengthens our immune system, improves our circulation, boosts our self-esteem, and other benefits.

Competing with others

Although many people have done it, including me, competing with others does not let you focus on yourself. Everybody is different and bodies are unique. Therefore, you cannot set up goals based on anyone’s fitness performance.

Eating more than you should

Reaching your fitness goals is not only about staying active but also about eating with moderation. Speak with a health professional or a dietitian if you need some guidance.

Expecting too much from your fitness tracker

It was one of my many mistakes. No matter how functional your device is only our motivation, persistence, commitment, and dedication will make a difference. A fitness tracker is a tool but we have to do the job to reach our fitness goals.

You may be a bit obsessed about numbers

I felt like that until I realized that a fitness tracker is not that perfect companion like I thought. No electronic device is 100% accurate. However, we can still use health data as a guide to reaching our goals.

Being too hard on yourself

When it comes to working out, we all expect to do great. However, we don’t realize that our bodies react differently every day. Our bodies may do better some days than others but that’s ok! Just keep going and stop judging yourself for that. Instead, pat yourself on the back for any accomplishments gained.

Thinking too much

Keep working out and don’t think too much about your goals. At one point you will notice the results. The more you think about it the more anxious you get.

Too many “rewards”

When we reach a fitness goal we tend to reward ourselves with “treats”. This is great, but it is best to use moderation to avoid sabotaging your achievement/fitness plan.

Are fitness wearables to blame?

As we mentioned, a fitness tracker can monitor your progress, help you reach your goals, and much more. However, commitment, persistence, inspiration, and discipline will make a huge difference with or without the use of a tracker.

I remember every year working out would be my next new year’s resolution. During that time I did not consider fitness a lifestyle and a way to say healthy. By summertime I got a million excuses to stop working out.

On top of that, I wanted to see the results faster. What I did not realize was that I did not do much to make this happen. I learned that we need to work harder and smarter to see results.

I was facing an ongoing situation that made me feel frustrated that I told a friend “If I stop working out this time then I will quit”. Then not long after I had to accept that I was doing something wrong. At that time not even a fitness tracker would have saved me.

No matter the fitness gadget you use or the gym you go to we still have to create a habit, be motivated, and stay focused. Fitness trackers do what they are supposed to do but they cannot determine if we are committed enough.

Therefore, keep in mind that we are the ones who can make changes and stay motivated. After all, it is our health and we need to take care of ourselves.


Regardless of what they say about fitness trackers, many people have benefited from them including me. We can’t just blame a fitness device for not reaching our goals.

It is very important to note that our attitude towards fitness will also make a big difference. Keep in mind that working out and staying active should be an essential part of our lives. If your fitness tracker is not helping you lose weight try to stay focused on being active.

Focusing on our goals can help you stay active. Yes, we will feel tempted to cheat but think twice. You don’t have to restrict yourself but moderation is the key.

We hope that you have enjoyed our post “How to use a fitness watch to smash your goals”. Whether you want to wear a fitness tracker or not it is as important as staying active.

Although fitness trackers can change your life, it may not be for everyone. What works for me may not work for others.

The importance is to keep moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Explore new sports and physical activities to add variety to your workout routine and enhance your quality of life.