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How to update any smart bracelet firmware for more efficiency

How to update any smart bracelet firmware for more efficiency

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Believe it or not many of us either forget to update our smart bracelet or smartwatch firmware or don’t know how to go about it. Updating the companion app is a very important step to improve your smart wristband’s functionality and resolve any issues. That’s why we want to explain how to update smartwatch firmware.

No matter the brand, fitness trackers always release updates to improve the product, resolve issues and even to add features on your tracker. This is great because each update means functionality improvements and better user experience.

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Fitness trackers that work with Bluetooth/WIFI connection have an application so you can see the dashboard, stats, and even your data. How do you update the firmware on your smartwatch? Or how do you know when to update it? Why I can’t update my fitness tracker firmware? All these questions and more are answered here.

Go to the companion application and access your tracker Settings. Then go to the Firmware version and tap on that. The application will let you know if you have the most recent version of the firmware or whether it will need an update. You can also read the user’s manual to become familiar with the product.

Although upgrading the firmware just takes more than two or three minutes I would suggest you charge your smartwatch first or it should have at least 50% charge. The reason is that depending on the fix some updates can take almost an hour.

If you are not familiar with fitness trackers, you are in the right place. For your convenience, we will share very useful tips on how to update the firmware the right way. Also, we will describe some of the most common firmware update issues and the solutions to make your life easier.

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Brief definition and explanation about firmware

Many electronic devices, such as smart TVs, laptops, fitness trackers, traffic lights, appliances, and many others, need some kind of update to improve functionality and efficiency. In this case, fitness trackers that have Bluetooth/WIFI have a companion application that can be downloaded into your smartphone or tablet.

Then, this application has a firmware which is a software program that has permanently stored or embedded instructions to communicate with other devices. Without firmware, nothing could work or perform any tasks. Therefore, it is very important to update the firmware on your fitness tracker to ensure a better user experience.

Why you should update your smart bracelet firmware?

It is very important to have your fitness tracker firmware updated to deliver better functionality, correct any glitches, bugs and security issues.

Depending on the update your fitness tracker may not work appropriately if the firmware is not up to date. Some applications will update automatically or you can check the application for any updates.

Also, make sure the companion app has the latest version installed. You should receive a notification alerting you that the app needs updating. In some cases, the app will update automatically. This will avoid any issues when updating your tracker’s firmware.

Believe it or not, one of the most important reasons to update the firmware on your tracker is it will solve many of the issues it may have. In many cases, ongoing issues and bugs have been solved with a firmware update.

How to check the firmware version

To check any updates on your tracker firmware is very easy and it takes seconds.

  • Make sure that your smartphone is charged and you have the latest version of your companion application
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to your fitness tracker.
  • Open the companion app and go the tracker’s Settings
  • Go to the firmware version. If it needs updating it prompts you to proceed with the update any smart bracelet firmware.
  • If you have any issues scroll down until you find Issues with updating fitness tracker firmware which added with the solutions. These solutions have been tested.

How often should you check any firmware update?

When you buy a fitness watch with Bluetooth or other electronic devices, you will notice that they are not that perfect and may have some issues. Therefore, we need to make sure to update the firmware to resolve the issues, add features, and even improve your user’s experience.

Depending on the device, issues, bugs or features firmware updates can be released at any time. You may receive an automated notification or you can check for any updates manually. I may ignore these notifications when I am busy. However, I usually check for any updates every couple of weeks.

Always keep in mind that firmware updates can improve your fitness tracker’s functionality which will enhance your user’s experience. See the below steps to successfully update the firmware of your fitness tracker.

How to upgrade any fitness watch the right way

  • First of all, make sure your fitness tracker has at least a 50% battery charge.

Pro tip: You may want to charge your tracker completely before doing an update since this process may take from a few minutes to almost an hour.

  • Connect your tracker to your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t know how to do it our article How to successfully connect your smart bracelet to a phone can be a great help.
  • Make sure your fitness tracker is close to the smartphone to avoid any disruptions in the update
  • Then access the fitness tracker application and go to the main menu.
  • Tap on Firmware. The application will tell you whether your tracker needs to be updated or if it has the most recent version. This should not take more than five minutes.

Signs that your fitness watch needs upgrading

Most of the time, you will receive a notification that your fitness tracker’s firmware will need an update just like any apps. However, you may ignore the notification and even forget to proceed with the update. We are too busy to see every notification received.

So you may ask yourself what happens if your fitness tracker never gets updated. The answer is your fitness tracker may not work properly and many ongoing issues may never be solved. Therefore, I suggest that you update your tracker as soon as you receive the notification or simply you can check every a couple of weeks.

Below are signs that your tracker needs updating:

  • Your fitness tracker application will continue having issues or bugs
  • New features are not reflected
  • You will not have a great user’s experience like you used to
  • Also, you will not see any improvements
  • Besides, you will see a notification that won’t go until you proceed with the update

Issues with updating smart bracelet firmware

No matter whether the fitness tracker is cheap or expensive there will always be issues especially when trying to update the firmware. This is a very easy process but sometimes can be tricky and frustrating.

We have listed very common issues (and solutions!) that you may encounter (if you did not encounter yet!) when trying to update your smartwatch or fitness tracker firmware:

A firmware update is stuck

Even fitness trackers like Fitbit may have this issue after updating the firmware. The update gets stuck a couple of minutes before starting the update.

Solution: Open the companion application on your smartphone. Go to the device’s settings page. Tap on Synch or on Firmware. If an update is available it will tell you an update is available. Make sure your tracker is close to your smartphone. Once you are done the app will notify you.

If this solution does not work contact your merchant’s customer support or you can perform a factory reset on your fitness tracker.

Pro tip: You may need to uninstall the companion application and download it again. Also, you can delete your tracker from your Bluetooth.

An update has stopped all of a sudden or failed

Sometimes you may encounter this issue which can be frustrating. You are almost in the middle of the update but it stops or fails.

Solution: Make sure your fitness tracker has a good charge or at least 50%. You may need to update the firmware using your computer or laptop depending on the internet browser. Download the companion app and connect your fitness tracker to your computer or laptop.

Error messages received

You received a notification that your smart wristband firmware needs updating and when you try to install it: Bang! It has happened to me before.

Solution: Verify that the last update of your companion app is installed. Then, delete the Bluetooth profiles. Try to update the firmware once again.


Now you know how to update any smart bracelet firmware. To get the most out of your smart bracelet make sure you are familiar with the companion app, and features. Also, I suggest you make sure that your tracker’s firmware is updated will solve many of the bugs, issues and functionality problems.

When you invest in a fitness tracker you expect to have great user experience and deliver what they offer.

Just like a car, electronics need some kind of maintenance. Fitness trackers are not an exception. Installing the latest versions of a firmware means more efficacy, functionality and great user experience.