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How to get in shape at home with very little time

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Do you want to exercise but have no time? Are you motivated to work out but don’t know to start? You can’t pay for a gym membership? If you answered yes to any of these questions the good news is that you can get fit for free or without having to leave your house.

It has happened to many of us that our hectic schedules always get in the way to stay on the fitness journey. In the past, I quit exercising so many times that I almost gave up for good. Although going to the gym, as I used to, has helped increase motivation, I found that exercising at home can be just as exciting also.

I have worked out at home more than in the gym. During all this time is that my mindset had a lot to do with the fact that I was always quitting. Although I was very busy I could have invested some minutes in working out.

Whether you have too much on your plate or any other reasons you still can create a habit to stay active at home. Although it is not for everyone, indoor exercise is better than not exercising at all. That’s why we want to show you how to stay motivated even if you don’t have time to exercise.

If you want to know how to stick to a fitness plan and to reach your goals just from your living room know that it is possible.

Our easy-to-follow tips can help you prioritize, focus and stay motivated to work out in the comfort of your home. If you don’t know whether exercising in your house is for you, you can learn the pros or cons to help you decide.

Besides, you will learn how you can stay on the game without having to go to the sports club or gym. You can stay in the game by yourself, friends, or family.

How you can monitor your progress the smart way? We will show you some of the top fitness watches to help you stay engaged and focused on your goals.

Why working out at home may be the answer

If you love to exercise indoors but don’t want to pay any gym fees, then doing it at home can be the solution. Why working out at home can be better than in the gym? Exercising any time of the day or listening to the music hits you like can be other reasons.

To get started, you can use an extra room, living room, or even your bedroom. The importance is that you can work toward your fitness goals.

Make sure your weights, a stability ball or any equipment are accessible so you can exercise with no interruptions. Also, have your bottle of water and towel ready. No matter your gender or age, you can get in shape at home and remain inspired.

If you are exploring the possibility of workouts at home we will discuss the good and the drawbacks of taking your fitness to the next level at your house.

Keep in mind that staying active helps improve our physical and mental health. Also, it prevents health conditions such as diabetes, health problems, high cholesterol, and obesity, among others. Because exercising also helps lower stress levels, fight anxiety disorders, and promotes tranquility.

Therefore, it is essential to engage in physical activity regularly. You don’t know how to start? You can dance, jog or march in front of the TV to burn some calories.

It is important to speak to your doctor before you engage in any physical activities.

Exercising at home can be either convenient or harder for many people depending on their preferences and needs. Keep in mind that your decision may affect your fitness goals positively or negatively.

Therefore we have put together the good and bad about doing physical activity in your house.

The best pros about following a fitness plan in your living space

For those who want to skip the fitness center, you can remain active from home. Check out the following advantages of getting in shape at home:

  • Helps focus on yourself

Exercising at home is a great way to concentrate on your own goals which can help gain more self-confidence and boost motivation. You can even listen to your favorite music playlist or start any time of the day.

  • No fees

One of the best reasons to work out at home is that you don’t have to expend any cent. Those who are not sure about committing to a gym should not pay for a yearly membership. Depending on the facility, you can pay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis although may be costly.

Therefore, in this case, working out from home can be a great alternative.

  • Time-saving

If you have no time to go to the gym, doing your routine at home can be as effective as exercising anywhere. Your body and mind can benefit from only a 30-minute walk or dance.

You can work out at any time depending on your schedule which can help stay inspired.

  • Explore many different types of exercise for free

You can try different kinds of workouts depending on your level. For example, use YouTube to search a variety of disciplines that ranges from dancing to lifting weights. It is preferable to opt to get the information from professional trainers.

If you have never exercised or have a health condition it is best to speak to your health professional about creating a fitness plan just for you.

  • Workout with your family

Stay active in your home with your loved ones. Engaging in physical activity with them helps them adopt healthy habits. Swimming, dancing, running, walking, cycling, and hiking are some of the activities that can be enjoyed with your family.

  • Stay active around your home

Those who have a house know the huge amount of chores that have to be done. From gardening to cleaning you can burn as many calories as doing cardio.

  • Keep going at your pace

You can take the time you need between repetitions/circuits if needed. You can drink water or breathe without anyone rushing you.

The bad thing about exercising at your residence

Like anything else working out at home can be a dealbreaker for many. The cons below can help you make up your mind and decide what is best for you:

  • Lack of gym equipment

If you love to use sport club facilities such as the elliptic or sauna then working out at your home may not be the best solution. They are usually advanced exercise machines that most people can’t invest in. However, you don’t need any equipment to keep taking your fitness plan to the next level.

  • No professional feedback

When it comes to fitness we all want to learn from the best. Exercising from home means that will have to create a fitness plan without the help of a coach. However, many fitness apps like FitOn are great whether you are exercising at home or the gym.

Although I am not affiliated with them in any way I can say that this fitness app is like going to the gym while you keep in shape at home. Each exercise is guided by celebrity trainers that offer helpful suggestions and motivate you to attain your goals.

I personally use the application for over a year and I can recommend it. You can download the application on either Apple or Android devices.

  • Can skip exercising

If you prefer working out at home you will have to find new ways to stay in the game. In my experience, working out at the gym kept me more committed because I was paying for a membership. When I started working out at home I didn’t feel serious about exercising at first.

So how you can get your motivation back? Focus on your goals and remind yourself that no matter where you work out consistency, discipline, and commitment are the key. If you cannot exercise today you can exchange it for your recovery/rest day.

  • You may not have enough room to bring your fitness buddies

I love to exercise alone but some people love group classes or working out with friends. One of the drawbacks of exercising at home is that your living space may not be as spacious.

You can walk around with them in your area or the backyard. Also, you can play sports at the beach or the park. You can make a fun-filled fitness session that you can enjoy. For those with a tight budget, this is better than paying for a gym membership.

  • Higher risk for injuries

If you aren’t careful when you are exercising the risk of a sprain can increase.

However, to minimize injuries you don’t need a trainer. Therefore, it is important to warm up before your fitness routine and cool down after. Make sure to take a two-day rest to stretch or rest your muscles.

If you are not ready to perform a specific exercise learn variations to avoid over-exercising. If you don’t know how to exercise at home you can speak to a health professional to help create a balanced fitness plan.

  • You may get bored

If you decided to work out in your house it may be harder to remain engaged. You can explore different physical activities such as yoga, pilates, cardio, weightlifting, swimming, and cycling to keep yourself motivated.

How to get in the best shape of your life without going to the gym

We all need to engage in physical activities to stay healthy. Remember you can get fit at home.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exercising “has immediate health benefits, such as better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety. Regular physical activity can decrease depression and reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.”

Therefore, working out a couple of minutes a day can make a difference. However, engaging in physical activities for 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity can greatly benefit your body and mind. For more information, you can find the full Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition prepared by the USA Department of Health and Human Services.

You don’t know how to start? The CDC has suggested the options below to help you stay active. For example:

  • Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise like walking fast, water aerobics, or playing tennis doubles for 150 minutes every week or 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. You need to include at least 2 days a week of strength exercises for all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms). Strength training exercises include lifting weights or using resistance bands.
  • Vigorous-intensity aerobic workout such as running, aerobic dancing, or jumping rope for 75 minutes a week and 2 or more days of strength exercises as described above.
  • A mix of both moderate and vigorous exercise for 2 or more days a week plus at least 2 days a week of a strength workout.

You may be wondering what a fitness schedule may look like. Depending on your fitness goals a fitness plan can look like this:

Monday – strength whole body

Tuesday – core exercises with cardio

Wednesday – strength whole body

Thursday – core exercises with cardio

Friday – walk or do a favorite sport

Saturday – recovery exercises such as yoga or rest

Sunday – rest

Note: The above example is for reference only and it may not be the right program for you. Before you follow ANY fitness routine speak to your doctor or health professional.

You can find ideas by accessing the activity planner on to help you set your goals, select your favorite workouts, and get helpful recommendations.

Keep in mind that you don’t need any expensive gym equipment to get in shape. Whether you are a beginner or advanced it is possible to work out and strengthen your muscles at home. Exercises like running and walking can help stay strong. You can check out more ideas by visiting Eat Start, Move More.

How to make time for exercise with a busy schedule

You can dedicate a couple of minutes to working out a day even if you have a lot on your plate. Working out should be made a priority because it is part of our lives. Not only it benefits your body but your mind.

Whether you prefer working out at home, at the gym or both the below suggestions can help stay in the game and remain active:

  • Train your mind

How to make exercise an unbreakable habit? Prepare yourself for your fitness journey. Stay positive and don’t think too much. If you anticipate a busy day, plan to adjust your fitness routine if needed but don’t skip exercise.

Think about exercise as a way to improve your body and mind. Engage in activities that you like so you can enjoy the moment. Don’t force yourself to work out and instead create a habit. This will take time to get used to it and stay engaged.

  • Plan ahead of time

A hectic schedule makes it impossible to squeeze exercise into a busy week. However, check your schedule in advance so you can make changes. Keep in mind that even 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity can do wonders.

  • Exercise as preventive medicine

They say fitness is a lifestyle but I go further in thinking that working out can be like a daily pill. Physical activity is so necessary and essential that it can help from relieving stress to lowering your blood pressure. It helps prevent and manage health issues. Read more about the benefits of exercising on the MedlinePlus website. And don’t forget that staying active is as important as eating healthy.

  • Wake up early

The earlier you get off your bed the more time you have to complete your tasks during the day. You may have some time to go for a walk or do cardio which can help you stay energized and manage stress effectively.

  • Learn new workouts

To fight boredom explore different types of workouts that you never tried either outdoors or indoors. For example, barre exercises, yoga, or dance can broaden your options.

  • Use your workplace gym

If working at home is out of the question another great way to stay motivated would use your company’s gym facilities. Many of them don’t charge anything for using all the equipment and classes can be at discount prices.

  • Drive less and walk more

If you can walk to go to the town, workplace or shopping that would be great, Otherwise, you can leave your car a couple of blocks from your destination so you can get some exercise as long as it is safe. Not only you can save on gas but burn some calories.

  • Bad weather? Exercise indoors

If you are used to workout outdoors don’t let the climate sabotage your workout routine. You can walk or jog in place in front of the TV if you don’t have any equipment. Also, you can use rainy days for some relaxing yoga or stretching.

  • Set up a reminder

Have a lot to do? Create an alert using your smartphone’s calendar so you don’t forget to exercise. Many fitness apps also can remind you when it is time to move. Make working out a priority.

  • Invite a friend

Many people love to exercise with their buddies. Invite your colleagues or friends to join you in a challenge or just walk. You will inspire each other and have a great time while getting in shape.

  • Make it part of your lifestyle

Exercise should be part of our schedules. Whether you decide to work out in your room, gym, or in the park remaining active is important for your overall physical and mental health.

The very best way of keeping track of your progress

If you just started working out and want to know whether your plan is working monitoring your fitness performance can help you attain your goals.

From writing your numbers in a journal to looking at yourself in the mirror., there are many ways to see how you are doing. Nevertheless, you want to do it smartly.

For more information about how can track your fitness progress visit the National Institute of Aging.

Also, wearing a fitness watch can be a smart way to know how well you are doing. It is easy and you can use the data to set up realistic goals or to know how well you are doing.

However, just like any electronic device, a fitness tracker or smartwatch is not 100% accurate but will give you a picture of your overall performance.

If you are wondering what is the best health and fitness watch we will help you make a money-saving and smart decision. Monitoring your progress can be fun and help keep you motivated if you know how to use the data effectively.

These are some of the best fitness watches you can find on Amazon to take your fitness plan to the next level.

Amazfit Band 5

If you are a beginner you can explore a budget-friendly but functional fitness tracker like AmazFit Band 5. Some of the features are:

  • Monitors blood oxygen levels – It uses OxygenBeats to know your oxygen saturation at any time. You can use this feature when you are doing cardio or endurance workouts at the gym.
  • Continuous heart rate – This fitness watch uses an optical heart rate monitor all-day
  • 15 days battery life – You can enjoy your workout without any worries about low batteries. Up to 25 days of battery life in power-saving mode.
  • Track your progress – Uses heart rate data to monitor steps, calories, distance, and sleep quality
  • Amazon Alexa – Ask anything you want including weather, reminders, and more.
  • Period tracking feature – You can log in your period days and it uses this data to predict ovulation and the next menstrual period.
  • 11 sport modes – Choose from walking, running, cycling, treadmill, and dancing.

Interested in this budget-friendly and motivational fitness watch? Check out Amazfit Band 5 here.

Fitbit Inspire 2

If you are a Fitbit fan you can opt for Inspire 2 to help you remain motivated with these functionalities:

  • 20+ exercise modes – It tracks real-time calories, steps, distance, and more. It will give you a picture of your performance to help you reach your goals
  • Earn Active Zone minutes – Earn minutes to help you do 150 weeks of cardio.
  • It monitors hourly activity
  • 1-year Fitbit Premium trial – This is for new Premium users with personalized guidance, insights, and motivation to help you reach your goals. Cancel before the trial expires to avoid charges.
  • Continuous heart rate – It will monitor your resting HR. Besides, Fitbit will use this data to calculate calories
  • 10 days of battery life – Enjoy uninterrupted days without having to charge your Inspire 2. Keep in mind that battery life depends on factors such as settings, use, and others.
  • Sleep score – It helps you understand your sleep quality and whether you had enough rest during the night.
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters – Swim and shower-friendly.

Want to know more about this Fitbit’s easy-to-use and swim-friendly fitness tracker? Read more about Inspire 2 here.

Fitbit Charge 4

If you love the outdoors or love to run, Charge 4 with a built-in GPS can be a great choice. These are the reasons why this advanced fitness watch is so popular:

  • Built-in GPS – See distance and pace when you are jogging, walking, hiking, or running. Also, you can see heart rate changes and a workout intensity map along with the route.
  • Active zone minutes – You will receive an alert when you reach your target HR zone
  • Fitbit premium 90-day free trial – This is for Premium users only. You can unlock it in the Fitbit app. To avoid paying the subscription you can cancel before the trial ends.
  • Continuous heart rate – The same feature as Inspire 2. This piece of information is used to calculate calories burned.
  • Spotify app – You can control the app and play music from your wrist
  • 20+ sport modes- Just like Inspire 2, Charge 4 tracks your real-time activity to help you attain your goals
  • Water-resistance – Also similar to Inspire 2, it is a shower and swim-friendly fitness tracker.
  • Battery life – Lasts up to 7 days. However, if you use the GPS it will reduce to 5 hours.
  • Sleep Score – It monitors your sleep quality and gives you a sleep score like Inspire 2.

Impressed with this advanced GPS fitness tracker? Discover Charge 4 here.

Closing words

Whether you decide to work out at home or the gym the most important is to engage in physical activity. No matter how busy you are skipping exercising may not be the best solution. Adjusting your routine can do the trick.

Be open to accepting challenges so you can reach your goals. If you are a beginner the best way to stay in the game is to focus. Whether you are looking to lose some pounds or gain muscle, keep in mind that great results can come slowly but surely.

Working out regularly can dramatically improve your overall health, and soothe your mind. When the weather permits go for a walk, hike, jog, or enjoy your favorite sport. There is always time to work toward your fitness goals.