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How smart bracelets help you lose weight fast and safe

how can smart bracelets help lose weight fast

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There is no magic pill to help you attain your goals. In my own experience, a fitness watch can encourage physical activity and self-care.

Also, they can even help prevent many illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, and other conditions.

Believe it or not, with your persistence, fitness trackers or smartwatches can even help you lose weight much faster than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, hectic schedules, loss of interest, or procrastinating depletes our fitness motivation. Although it is never too late to start working out again, but the sooner the better.

Wearing one while exercising can simplify and optimize your fitness plan. Our article “How To Use A Fitness Watch To Smash Your Goals” shows you how to use a fitness tracker watch to help you reach your goals.

However, we will discuss not only how smart bracelets can help you shed some pounds, but also create an effective fitness plan, change your mindset about fitness, great tips, and more.

What is a smart bracelet and can they encourage weight loss

Also called a fitness tracker, smartwatch, fitness watch, or smart band, they come in different types, features, and functionalities to choose from. The great thing is that they can fit most needs depending on your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Anyone can wear one from children to seniors. Not only athletes are wearing a fitness tracker to optimize their training plan but also individuals who want to increase motivation.

With obesity and health conditions on the rise, it is a great way to keep us active and motivated to take care of ourselves.

Yes, smart bracelets can help you shed some pounds. But how? We will explain how a small device can transform your life.

How can fitness trackers help you lose weight safely?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017-2018, “the prevalence of obesity was 42.4%which increased from 30.5% in 1999-2000.

If you want to use a smart bracelet to lose weight you are in the right place. Using one will not only help you reach your goals but you will learn how your body reacts during exercise.

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Not only a fitness watch will help you slim down but also your quality of life will be improved in the long run.

Wearing one while working out or engaging in physical activity will help collect the health data that can be used to learn about yourself and create health consciousness.

Many of them, like Fitbit, can give you some guidance or coaching. This feature will give you feedback on your performance, show you different types of workouts, and help you exercise the right way.

The coaching session will also help you adjust your workout to avoid injuries and see better results. Smart bracelets with a coaching feature can help you not only lose weight but to perform your exercises safely.

If your fitness tracker or smartwatch does not have the coaching feature that’s fine. One that monitors heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and distance may be enough for you depending on your needs and preferences.

To help you make dietary changes, the Fitbit weight loss plan is a great source to help you shed some pounds in less time. It works if you use your smart bracelet every day to collect health data and use this information to make positive changes.

Also, the fitness app Lose it!, compatible with Garmin smart bracelets, allows a premium member to synch calorie and exercise data to your device. You can set up goals, track what you eat, and reach your weight loss goals.

Keep in mind that the only way that a fitness wearable can help you lose weight is by wearing one when enjoying your favorite sport or exercising.

And to remain goal-oriented you need to do the following: be persistent and stay positive.

Looking for the best Fitbit for weight loss? Our post “10 Best Fitness Trackers For Weight Loss To Have Right Now” discusses much different fitness watches brands to help you make the right buying decision.

Which metrics you can help you shed some pounds

Using smart bracelets to either lose weight, encourage physical activity, or to improve performance is not that complicated.

There’s no doubt that they can track almost anything from altimeter to steps. Now, you might be wondering which features are essential to achieve your goals and optimize your workout. Health-related data collected in your smartwatch or fitness tracker can be used to monitor your progress.

If you never had a fitness tracker or smartwatch before, you might be wondering how to use one or what metric you can monitor to keep you motivated.

Keep in mind that although self-monitoring is an essential part of a workout plan, do not obsess with numbers. Remember that smart bracelets or fitness watches are just tools to help us achieve our fitness goals. Use the health and performance data as a reference or guide.

Our article “How To Choose A Fitness Watch: Your Most Essential Guide” provides a more detailed version of the features needed to consider before buying the right fitness wearable.

However, for those who want to keep it simple, we will discuss some of the functionalities you can find in an affordable one to help you stay on the right track.

Here are the features that can be used to help attain your goals and maximize your workout:

  • Step Tracking

A pedometer or step tracking will help you determine whether you are active or need to commit more. You can set up different goals like for example taking 10,000 steps per day. You can adjust the number to challenge or push yourself more.

I wouldn’t worry too much about accuracy and focus more on your walking. Listen to your body and stop when you feel tired without judging your numbers. You can increase the intensity, distance, or walking time to maximize the benefits.

If you are on a budget, a smart bracelet with an integrated pedometer can help you lose weight.

Depending on your fitness tracker, you might see the average daily steps taken which will help you determine your goal and also encourage you to move more. If you don’t have time to workout just go for a walk.

Getting a treadmill for rainy or snowy days is a smart idea. The bottom line is to stay active every day to improve your physical condition and help you relax more.

You can find a treadmill on Amazon for less than $200 to help you stay active during inclement weather or if you just want to stay home. Check out Sunny health and Fitness manual treadmill which does not use electricity, saves space, non-slip running surface, and more.

  • Calories

Knowing how many calories are burned while exercising or doing any physical activities is another way to reach our goals. However, use this information as a guide only. For example, depending on a person’s weight and pace, an hour walk can burn around 200 to 300 calories. Do you want to challenge yourself more? You can walk fast or hike instead. You can also increase the miles walked.

Because no fitness tracker is 100% accurate, do not get crazy about numbers. Do all the very best you can, push yourself a bit more and you will see your results. If you want to reduce some inches a smart bracelet with a calorie tracker may be another alternative.

  • Heart rate

Tracking your heartbeats is very important and helps determine whether you’re working out at the right intensity and improve your performance to attain your goals. That’s why it’s very important to monitor your heart rate when you are doing any activity or sports.

Keep in mind that beats per minute can vary from person to person depending on age and fitness level. Some devices analyze your lowest and highest heart rates. Besides, they might alert you if your heart rate is too low or too high.

A fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor can help you take your workout to the next level which will help you lose weight, keep improving, and stay motivated.

  • Distance

Some people love to walk 4 miles per day which is an average of 1 hour or 15 minutes per mile. You can monitor your distance to determine if you are walking enough and can adjust your goal. This metric will help you push yourself more to keep moving.

  • Floors climbed

If you work in a building you don’t have to use the elevator. As long it’s safe you can walk the stairs to burn extra calories and to keep yourself fit. Some fitness trackers can monitor, not only climbed but descended floors.

This will give you an insight into your daily activity and can tell if you are active enough. You can adjust your goals depending on the number of stairs you can climb. If you are not sure you can talk to your doctor first.

If you have no time, go for a quick workout and climb some floors instead. Use your fitness watch to see your progress to encourage weight loss and stay in shape.

  • Stress Tracker

If you have a smart bracelet with a stress level monitor make sure you wear it every day. This piece of information is very important to determine if your workout is causing an increase in your tension or it’s helping you relax. Many fitness trackers will show your stress levels throughout the day.

Why use smart bracelets to optimize your fitness plan

Using one while exercising, allows you to see heart rate zones, cardio level, and intensity depending on the brand and model.

Some will calculate the heartbeats between activities to determine your heart rate variability which measures specific changes between successive heartbeats.

Our informative article Best HRV Monitor Watch: Maximize Your Fitness Routine Now explains how important it is to monitor your heart rate variability to detect stress levels, customize our fitness plan and get a more personalized insight into your overall health.

However, whether you use an activity tracker or not, working out will improve your quality of life. Nevertheless, using one will give you a better idea of your physical performance and how to attain your goals.

As a result, you will stick to a more effective fitness plan to exercise safely. Besides, you will get motivated to continue exercising which will help you lose weight.

You do not know where to start? Walking is a great exercise that can benefit both your body and your mind. If you have a sedentary life now it is the time to be more active. You can learn more about walking in this link.

How can smart bracelets help change your mindset about fitness

Wearing a smart bracelet to lose weight or to reach other fitness goals will help you realize that quality is better than quantity. A personalized workout using your heart rates data, calories burnt and other stats will give you better results.

Also, it will help you create realistic and personalized goals based on your health data.

This can help increase your motivation to stay on the game which leads to a better quality of life and successful weight loss.

To tell you the truth, fitness watches will not only show your progress but also can tell whether you are following your plan.

So, be prepared to be persistent and keep moving. You will not have the same stamina or motivation every day. One day you will reach your goal. The next day you will remind yourself not to give up.

No matter the type you get, you will still need to be focused, persistent, and more importantly, do not give up!

Why I’d never exercise without my Garmin fitness tracker

After trying zillion ways to stay active, I had no choice but to get a smart bracelet just to see how it feels like.

I spent a long time researching the many types, colors, features, and brands before I got my Garmin Vivosmart 3. (Interested? Explore this easy to use fitness tracker here for more details.) The updated version of this fitness watch -Vivosmart 4- is a bit more advanced since it has an oximeter, longer battery life, wireless charging, and more.

My Vivosmart 3, not only tracks heart rate but also calories burnt, steps taken, and activity intensity. I would recommend it because after a year using it the battery is still going. Also, it is very affordable and discreet. You don’t have to spend too much to find your perfect wrist companion that can turn your workout into an effective plan.

Honestly, I was skeptical at first. However, I went out for long walks and let my Vivosmart 3 do its job. I liked to get feedback on my performance and any exercise patterns. This feature can help anyone stick to a workout routine.

After many months of wearing it, not only did I lose some weight, but I became aware of my body. It also allowed me to adjust my workout routines to fit my needs. You don’t need to spend on gym memberships or fitness equipment to make changes in your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that no matter which smart bracelet you choose, staying active not only will help collect the data you need but also an important part of your routine.

What did I learn about my fitness watch?

Not only can a fitness tracker or smartwatch help you lose weight but it can also encourage inspiration to stay on the game. Plus I also learned:

  • To know my body better

Using one gives you a sense of awareness which helps determine how much exercise your body needs to avoid any injuries or to adjust your fitness plan.

  • Always monitor my progress

You don’t have to compare your results with anybody else’s. The data on the fitness tracker is unique. Not all bodies are the same. Knowing where you stand will help you determine whether your workout plan is working or need to adjust it.

That’s a simple way a smart bracelet can help you lose weight and stay in shape.

  • It works for everyone

If you want to change your lifestyle and improve your health, self-monitoring is a great way to attain your goals. Anyone can wear a fitness watch and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

Even children can start leading an active lifestyle. Our informative article “Fitness Watches For Kids: How To Win The Motivation Game” shows why children should engage in physical activity and how it can motivate them to remain active.

  • Staying active is easier than you can imagine

As mentioned, a fitness tracker can help you reach your goals such as weight loss, and keep you energized. However, it only takes your determination, discipline, and a positive attitude to keep exercising.

  • You will feel more encouraged

Wearing a smart bracelet helps me remain motivated. It is my wrist companion, my guide, and my coach. I have the information I need to adjust my workout routine, avoid any injuries, and get a clearer picture of my health and fitness levels.

  • It is not too easy but not impossible to stick to your plan

The hardest part is to start working out. Once you maintain your persistence and develop the discipline it will be easier to keep moving!

Being committed will help you not only to lose weight but to build discipline and motivation.

  • Wearing your smart bracelet every day is essential to collect more data

It should be worn at all times, depending on its waterproofness. It is very important to track your sleep, steps, calories burn, and heart rate. Also, you get a clear picture of my health even when you are not exercising.

In general, exercising regularly can help shed some pounds faster. Wearing a fitness tracker while burning some calories gets you closer to achieve your goals. The health data will help optimize your workout. It is a great feeling!

Why your smart bracelet is not helping you losing weight

You may be working out for a while but not seeing the results yet. As a result, frustration may lead to quitting. No worries it has happened to many of us.

First, be honest with yourself. Are you exercising regularly? How about your eating habits? Is your fitness plan the right one for you?

In many cases, results are not showing up yet because you may need a little more challenge. You just need to push yourself a bit more. Unfortunately, a fitness tracker can’t do its job until we engage in physical activity or practice a favorite sport.

Also, the way you eat can either sabotage or greatly benefit your performance. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins to repair, fuel, and build muscle. Speak to your doctor before following a diet. You can read about healthy eating on this page which is a source of information. Learn what to consider to keep on track with your goal, how to get started, and more. You can read about how to create a weight loss diet plan for beginners to help you make healthy choices.

Keeping a weight loss log is a great way to see your progress and inspire you as well.

Monitoring your progress will help keep you motivated and committed.

A smart bracelet can make your workout an enjoyable one, help you reach your goals, and can give you a big picture of your physical performance. However, keep in mind that your perseverance, optimism, and motivation will make a big difference.

Should you wear a fitness watch to help you lose weight?

Whether you use a fitness tracker or not, it is very important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. However, self-monitoring your progress will help you learn about yourself better and how much exercise you need.

You will feel encouraged to take care of yourself, keep moving, and loving it! Keep in mind you will not see the results right away.

Besides, you can exercise with your friends or by yourself. If you don’t know how to exercise or if you have a health condition I would strongly suggest you talk to your doctor.

Are fitness wearables effective in weight loss?

It is really difficult to answer this question until you try a fitness tracker or smartwatch. That’s why I ignore the so-called scientific studies. They take a group of people from which half use a one and the other half don’t use it. The results show the group that did not use it lost the most pounds.

I think that the research tells us more about people’s attitudes about health and exercise than the effectiveness of a fitness tracker.

Why? Because it is a tool used to track fitness and health data not to lose weight. It can assist us to reach our goals but we have to work hard.

I think that their effectiveness is measured by the mentality about fitness and commitment. If you decide not to exercise, your tracker, no matter how sophisticated, will be of no use.

Besides, our bodies are different. What works for me in an X amount of time, may not work for you and vice versa. Some people prefer not to use a fitness tracker and others simply will not wear them.

At the end of the day, our perseverance, motivation, attitude will make a great difference.


You have learned how smart bracelets can help you lose weight safer and faster. However, that would depend on your activity level and lifestyle.

Does Fitbit help you lose weight? That would depend on your motivation and commitment.

Keep in mind that staying active is not a fashion but it is a way of life! Although it is never too late to start, the earlier the better. You will find out that using a fitness tracker will simplify your workout.

Besides, you will become more aware of your body which is a great way to feel motivated. Your body will feel more relaxed, your skin will look brighter, you will sleep better and you will be grateful.

Don’t do it to compete with or please others. Just do it for yourself. It is a new day, a new start! As the slogan says: “Love yourself enough to work harder”.

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