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How can a fitness tracker quickly motivate you to workout

how can fitness trackers motivate you

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Working out for the first time or after a long break is not easy. You might need a boost in your inspiration to help you stick to your workout plan. The good news is that you are not alone! A fitness watch is not only available for athletes and experienced fitness enthusiasts but beginners as well. So how can a fitness tracker motivate you?

Believe it or not, they can help supercharge your motivation to exercise and remain active. For those who are struggling to stay engaged, it is time to get a fitness wearable.

You may be amazed to know what a fitness watch can do. They are wrist-worn devices that track fitness and health data such as heart rate, calories, steps, distance, and stress levels, among others. They are often called smart wristbands, smartwatches, or fitness trackers.

Besides focusing on health and fitness, they can also feature text, message, social, call, and calendar notifications. Many of them have cellular network capabilities and even access your phone apps. Also, they can be worn by adults, children, and older people, no matter whether you are an athlete or a beginner.

How do fitness trackers play a role in fitness motivation

Using a fitness watch not only helps stay engaged but also gives you the big picture of your performance. For example, many of them can calculate the heartbeats between activities, resting heart rate, or even your heart zones.

A fitness tracker research published in the National Center for the Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows that “self-monitoring of progress and goal achievement may lead to increases in self-efficacy and sense of control for exercise, which could encourage long-term lifestyle changes.” A copy of the study can be found here.

I honestly believe that working out will improve your quality of life whether you use one or not. However, a fitness watch will help you find out how your body is affected by exercise positively or negatively.

Using a smart band will help avoid strains and other afflictions. You even can adjust your fitness plan according to your physical level. A personalized plan using your heart rate data and calories burnt will give you better results.

Besides, it will help you reach realistic and individual goals based on your health data. This can help inspire you to work out more and improve your overall health.

The great thing about fitness watches is that many of them can track physical activities, such as running, dancing, yoga, and hiking, among others which adds variety to your fitness plan.

Can a fitness tracker motivate you to lose weight? Although they can encourage you to move more, it will mostly depend on the amount of physical activity you perform, lifestyle, diet, and willingness to lose weight.

You have learned how fitness watches can help your motivation. Now let’s find out if they can help increase activity.

Can fitness trackers help motivate physical activity

Using them may help you encourage to move more according to the mentioned NBCI study “fitness trackers are more effective in increasing activity”. They are useful tools that can help bring your motivation back even if you haven’t exercised in years.

A fitness watch can be a perfect wrist companion for beginners or individuals who lead a sedentary life as they may help achieve your goals and challenges.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that our attitude towards health and fitness, persistence, optimism, and consistency say a lot about your enthusiasm to work out. Fitness is not a fashion but a lifestyle. It benefits not only your body but also your mind.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 2.5 hours per week of moderate-intensity cardio or 75 minutes per week of high-intensity activity or a combination of both. Also, you can add moderate to intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 times per week.

How can fitness watches help unmotivated people?

The great thing about them is that the collected data shows how much physical activity you are getting. Also, this piece of information collected by a fitness tracker can help motivate you to attain your goals and stick to your program.

Staying at the top of your game requires persistence and commitment. Keep in mind that you will face challenges to stay motivated.

For example, you will not have the same stamina or motivation every day. One day your energy levels will be high. The next day you will remind yourself not to give up. Also, you might find exercise programs boring or feel discouraged if you don’t see the desired results sooner.

Although this is perfectly normal, remaining positive and focused will help you create a workout habit without forcing yourself. No matter the reason, self-monitoring your progress will help you not only to know your physical body functions better but also to make your fitness routine an effective one.

Also, monitoring your progress helps determine whether your plan is working or needs any adjustment. It is very important to remember that you will not see the results right away.

Besides, you can wear a fitness watch while exercising with your friends or by yourself in your home or gym. If you have no clue about how to engage in physical activity or have health conditions I would strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor.

How does a fitness wearable help me stick to my fitness routine

I always tried to stay active but after a couple of months, I would feel discouraged to stay active. Besides, I wanted to bring something different to my workout to keep me engaged. The truth is, I was so fed up with procrastination and skipping workouts.

I knew something was missing in my fitness plan so I decided to use one although I was a bit skeptical. After a couple of days, wearing my fitness tracker during workouts helped motivate me to stay with my workout plan. Besides, this new approach has changed my attitude about fitness and wellness.

Another valuable lesson I learned is that quality is more important than quantity. It helped me set up realistic goals using my health data.

As you can see, using this amazing tool has helped me transform, not only my body and mind but my life as well. Will it help you? That would depend on your determination and discipline.

Although you can find a fitness watch suitable for beginners, keep in mind that staying inspired takes time, commitment, and patience.

How can fitness trackers motivate you to make positive changes

We all know that the health data collected by fitness wearables is not 100% accurate. Keep in mind that it should not be used for medical purposes. However, these wrist-worn companions can do more than you can imagine. Here are the 5 most important benefits of self-monitoring your progress that can help enhance your quality of life:

  • Sense of responsibility

Knowing more about your body helps boost your confidence and identify your needs to improve. It will also encourage you to stay on the right track. Self-monitoring your progress will help you realize if you are exercising the wrong way. This creates accountability and helps you stay inspired.

  • Fewer injuries

Monitoring your performance and vitals during exercise or physical activity will help you make sure you are not overdoing it. An effective workout helps avoid injuries and pains.

  •  Increased motivation

Knowing how well you are doing will help you feel inspired to keep working out, reach your daily goals, and also, inspire others.

  • Maximized fitness plan

Self-monitoring your progress will help you create the right workout plan which helps achieve better results. You can use your stats to adjust your workout, make improvements, and achieve your goals. It also helps you optimize your fitness condition and levels.

  • Better Health

Using a fitness watch or a smartwatch to track health vitals such as oxygen, heart rate, sleep quality or blood pressure will help encourage you to take care of yourself.

Final words

Sticking to a fitness plan requires determination but it is not impossible to achieve. For those who need a motivation boost, a fitness watch may be the answer.

However, they can help keep track of your progress and reach your goals as long as you stay active.

Keep in mind that fitness wearables cannot do the job themselves as they are motivational tools. Your hard work will determine how likely you will improve and take your fitness plan to the next level.

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