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How do I update firmware on my fitness tracker or smartwatch

How do I update firmware on my fitness tracker or smartwatch

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Keeping your fitness watch app up to date is a very important step to help improve the device’s performance, resolve any glitches, and even add features. This is great because updated firmware means a better user experience as well.

Most smartwatches 0r fitness trackers work with an application to access the collected data. So, how do you update it so that you can the most out of your device?

Updating the firmware of your fitness watch app is very easy and takes just a couple of minutes. First, check if you have received a notification to update the software. If so, tap on the alert and follow the instructions. You don’t have to do anything if your app is set up for automatic updates. There is another efficient way to make sure the application that corresponds to your fitness watch is up to date. For Android go to Google Play Store and tap on your profile icon. Select Manage apps and devices. You may see an “All apps up to date” comment or that your app may need an update. For iPhones, tap on the Apple Watch app and go to My Watch. On General, tap on Software update. If there is an available update Tap on Download and Install.

If you don’t have a clue or even encounter trouble doing it, you are in the right place. We will address all these concerns and more.

We will share very useful tips on how to update your fitness device’s software without major complications. Also, to make your life easier, we will describe some of the most common firmware update issues and their solutions.

What is a fitness watch firmware and why it is so important?

Many electronic devices, such as smart TVs, laptops, traffic lights, appliances, and others, need a software update to improve functionality and efficiency.

Fitness watches work with an application that you can download into your smartphone or tablet. Then, this app has a firmware or software program that has permanently stored or embedded instructions to communicate with other devices like smartphones or tablets. Without this technology, they couldn’t work or perform any tasks. They are crucial in your fitness watch’s performance and functionality.

Besides improving functionality, a new firmware update can correct any glitches, bugs, and security issues. Otherwise, your fitness watch may not work appropriately.

Now, I will explain why it is important to keep the firmware up to date.

How to update a fitness tracker or smartwatch app the right way

Before you start, make sure your fitness watch has at least a 50% battery charge in case you need additional time. Follow these helpful recommendations for a successful update:

  1. Connect your fitness tracker or smartwatch to your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t know how to do it our article How to correctly connect your fitness watch to a smartphone can be a great help.
  2. Make sure it is close to the smartphone to avoid any disruptions in the update.
  3. Access the fitness watch firmware.
    • Manual update
      • For Android – Go to the Google Play store on your phone. Tap the profile icon and then go to manage apps & devices. You may the following message will display “Update available“. Tap on update.
      • For iPhone – Using your smartphone go to Apple Store and tap your profile icon at the top. Check any pending updates and follow the instructions.
    • Automatic update
      • Using an Android phone – Tap on Google Play and then on your profile icon. Go to Settings and Network Preferences. Under “auto-update apps” choose the options that applied to you from the following: Updates over the phone network, over wifi only, or select not to auto-update.
      • iPhone – Go to Apple Store from your iPhone Settings. Go to “Automatic Downloads” choose App updates and enable it or disable it.

How often should you check any firmware updates?

Fitness watches are not perfect and like any other electronic can have some issues. That’s why it is so essential to update the application that works with the device.

Depending on the brand, companies like Fitbit or Garmin may continuously release updates. You may receive an automated notification or you can check for any updates manually as previously explained.

So, you may wonder how frequently you can check any fitness watch firmware update. I would say you can check notifications upon receipt to make sure it is up-to-date. You may not receive a notification if the auto-update is on.

You don’t have to update your fitness watch’s app. However, your device may have issues that may require a firmware update.

Hence, we have put together some scenarios that can be resolved by only making sure the application is up to date.

Signs that your fitness watch needs updating

Sometimes your smartwatch or fitness tracker may encounter some issues that can be hard to resolve. They may be causing a big deal of functionality problems.

For the most part issues like these are resolved by updating the fitness watch app is updated.

So what if you never get to update your fitness watch? The answer is the device may have many ongoing issues. Therefore, we suggest you update it as soon as you receive the notification or simply you can check every couple of weeks.

Below are the following scenarios that can be resolved by just updating your fitness tracker or smartwatch:

  • new features are not showing

Many functionalities may not be available on your fitness watch until an update is released. Once you install the patch the issue should be solved.

  • a notification that won’t go away

You may receive an alert or error message that your fitness watch cannot be synched or cannot detect location. Even if they do not apply to you, only updating the application should resolve the issue.

  • missing data

If your fitness watch is not monitoring heart rate, sleep quality, or other metrics make sure the app that works with your fitness watch has the last update.

Issues with updating your fitness tracker or smartwatch

No matter the type of fitness watch, you may experience a bit of trouble during the firmware update. This is a very easy process but sometimes can be tricky.

These problems can emerge due to a malfunctioning fitness watch, poor internet signal, or even for no reason.

From error messages to a failed update, we have listed very common issues and expert solutions that to help you keep your fitness watch up to date the right way:

A firmware update is stuck

Even fitness trackers like Fitbit may have this issue, especially when they suddenly get too slow before starting the update.

Solution: Open the fitness watch application on your smartphone. Go to the device’s settings page. Tap on Synch or Firmware. If an update is available you will receive an alert. Make sure the device is close to your smartphone. The app will

If this solution does not work contact your merchant’s customer support or you can perform a factory reset on your fitness tracker.

Pro tip: You may need to uninstall the app and download it again. In addition, you can remove your tracker from Bluetooth and pair it again.

An update has stopped all of a sudden or failed

This issue happens in the middle or when the update is almost complete.

Solution: Make sure your fitness tracker, smartwatch, or phone has a good charge or at least 50%. Also, check your Internet (wired or WIFI) signal and Bluetooth connection as well.

Error messages received

You got an alert that the app that corresponds to your fitness watch needs updating. But you may receive a message notification when you try to install it.

Solution: Verify that the app is installed. Also, check if your fitness watch is paired with your phone’s Bluetooth. Go to your smartphone settings and tap on Bluetooth. If you don’t see your device, tap on “Pair new device”.


Now you know how to update your fitness watch easily and correctly. To get the most out of your smartwatch or fitness tracker make sure you are familiar with the application, and features. Also, it is best to make sure that the app has the last update so you can enjoy the features and solve any functionality issues. Once you follow our recommendations your fitness watch should be good to go.