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Fitness watches for beginners: Compare prices and features

Our essential guide offers thoroughly researched fitness trackers and smartwatches, both with great features such as GPS, water resistance, heart rate, and more to help you save money.

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Heart rate monitor fitness watches

They can monitor your heartbeats per minute although they have other features as well. Select one that is the right one for you.

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Fitness trackers with GPS built-in

These GPS fitness watches are great for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging and running. Also, they may have other functionalities that make them versatile.

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Fitness smartwatches

If you don't like fitness trackers we have you covered. Try a smartwatch instead to keep you connected while exercising or enjoying your favorite activities. Check these out and enhance your lifestyle.


Fitness trackers suitable for swimming

Water sport or swim-friendly fitness watches are great devices to track your progress and help you improve. Many of them have many other functionalities for every need. Transform your life with these fitness trackers for swimmers and know where you stand.