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Fitbit Inspire 2 review: Tried and tested. Is it worth it?

Fitbit Inspire 2 review

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I have been researching fitness watches for several years. At first, I preferred the usual features such as calories, heart rate, and steps. However, an entry-level such as the Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker can do more than monitor your fitness. Check out this easy-to-use and stylish fitness tracker on Amazon.

For those who aren’t familiar, this health and fitness tracker is still one of the most popular bestsellers on Amazon since it was launched in September 2020. A little bit slimmer than Charge 5, another top fitness tracker, the Inspire 2 battery lasts 10 days long and is more affordable. Although it lacks a color display it is user-friendly and straightforward.

So, I gave Fitbit Inspire 2 a try and wanted to find out why it is still a top fitness tracker. Navigation can be a bit tricky at first until I got used to it.

Wearing Inspire 2 was a wake-up call and helped me know my bodily functions when I am doing anything from breathing to sleeping. I also encountered some annoying issues that you can prevent when setting up Inspire 2. We will show you how.

From the Inspire 2 fitness watch configuration to the health data analysis, our unbiased and honest Fitbit Inspire 2 review is based on testing this fitness tracker’s effectiveness, accuracy, and features.

Moreover, this useful guide will provide you with a detailed account of my experience – positive and negative ones. We will also share useful tips to get the most out of Inspire 2.

Is Inspire 2 for you? How to use it? Do you want to learn how to use it? Is it accurate? Is Fitbit Inspire 2 waterproof?

This ultimate Inspire 2 review and buyer guide will help you understand how this Fitbit fitness watch works and how it can help not only your body but also soothe your mind.

Inspire 2 Pros

  • Accurate heart rate monitor and step counter
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and srtylish
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Affordable
  • 10 days of battery life
  • 1 year free Premium membership
  • Always-on display allows you to see steps, heart rate, calories, and sistance just tapping the screen
  • Receive personalized feedbacks
  • Swim proof, shower friendly, and water resistant to 50 meters

Inspire 2 Cons

  • Does not have color display
  • No integrated GPS
  • Advanced features such as sleep score work only with Premium
  • It is not totally waterproof

But first, how to set up Fitbit Inspire 2? (It is easiest and faster than you think)

The first thing I did was charge Inspire 2 and download the Fitbit application. Remember that like any electronics, fitness watches come with half or less battery charge. Therefore, it is best to make sure it has a good charge.

Since Inspire 2 comes with a free one-year Premium, I subscribed but canceled right away. If you wish to continue with the membership, no need to unsubscribe. Once the free 1-year membership is up the amount of $9.99 per month will be charged.

These are the steps I followed to ensure an effective connection:

  1. Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on (Go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth)
  2. Pair your Inspire 2.
  3. Open the Fitbit application and login if you have an account. Otherwise, tap on Join Fitbit and accept the Terms. Then you can complete an easy questionnaire to help you receive personalized insights and tips.

What features does the Fitbit Inspire 2 have

For a starter fitness watch, Inspire 2 has many features that go beyond tracking your fitness progress. It can monitor your sleep, breathing rate, and heart rate variability. Also, it can tell if you are getting enough exercise.

Navigating the Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness watch is fun and easy. The application is user-friendly and clean. Fitbit has added a “Learn More” to find useful content on the feature and health/fitness tips.

This is the complete list of functionalities that Fitbit Inspire 2 has to offer:

Premium included functionalities

These features can help you not only reach your fitness goals but also adopt healthy habits. You can explore Fitbit Premium in the Fitbit app by tapping on your profile picture on the top left side of the screen and from the Premium tab. Also, you can tap on the Discover tab to see all the Premium and non-Premium features.

Advanced sleep analytics

Fitbit app will calculate the sleep score using

  • Time asleep – how much you sleep
  • Deep and REM – the hours you spend deep sleeping and rapid eye movement sleep
  • Restoration – how relaxed you were during sleep

The higher your number in all three individual scores the better your sleep quality. The sleep score ranges are:

  • Excellent 90-100
  • Good 80-89
  • Fair 60-79
  • Poor Less than 60

In my own experience, the lowest sleep score I got was 72 (Fair sleep) and the highest is around the lowest 80s (good sleep). From all three individual scores, Restoration is the best score with 22/25 and the lower is Deep and REM with around 20/25 points.

I have not been a deep sleeper lately so I can say that the advanced sleep analysis is quite accurate.

How to increase your sleep score? Practice breathing exercises and work out regularly to help you sleep better.

Guided programs

You can find many personalized tips and challenges on home workouts, eating healthy, staying active, and sleeping better. I found only three programs that do not require Fitbit Premium. Besides, you can set up goals and reminders.

I have started the Habits for Restful Sleep to improve my sleep with mindfulness exercises and skipping the snooze button. That seems to be helping me to improve my sleep quality.

Wellness report

To use this Fitbit premium feature you need to wear your Inspire 2 for at least 30 days. You can get health and fitness statistics to receive an insight into your overall health that can be printed and shared with your doctor.

A detailed explanation of the health data will be sent to your phone in PDF format for the last 30 days and last year as well. I requested mine and it was ready in seconds. You can download it immediately. The report can be found where you keep the files.

This available piece of information has helped me adjust my fitness programs and improve my habits, especially my sleeping quality.

Mindfulness Sessions

For those who need to stay calm, the Fitbit app offers the following programs:

  • Mindful minutes
  • meditations for sleep
  • meditations for stress
  • Boost body positivity
  • Mindful meals
  • Morning meditations
  • relaxing sounds
  • stories for sleep
  • Free meditations and mindfulness (can be used without Premium)

It is worth mentioning that Fitbit has partnered with Deepak Chopra to introduce the Mindful Method for Fitbit which is exclusively available for Premium members. There are 10 sessions including guided meditations, sessions to help you sleep better, and techniques to help you stay happy and optimistic.

I recently tried Deepak Chopra’s “A breathing technique to manage Stress” since I am a big fan of his for many years and tried to follow his helpful tips. This session helped me reduce stress levels and improve my breathing.

I also tried other sessions such as Counting breaths, Focus breathing, and A fresh start to find calm and tranquility which has been useful and relaxing.

Video workouts

Do you want to learn some exercises to help you burn calories and get in shape? Learn some cardio, abs, full-body, lower-body, and upper-body workouts. You can find exercise for kids to help them stay active as well. If you are very busy you can find 15-minute and 30-minute workouts that can get your heart pumping.

If you decide not to review your Premium subscription, the good news is that you can find some free-of-charge workouts.

Several of these exercises and delicious food recipes are featured by Ayesha Curry, a Canadian-American actress, celebrity chef, author, and television host of her show Ayesha’s Homemade on Food Network.

I have not tried the coaching programs but they can be a great start for those who want to stay motivated and exercise correctly.

Fun games and new challenges

You can earn active minutes by competing in many fun challenges such as adventure races, solo adventures, and other games.

I completed a solo adventure called Vernal Falls (located in California), which is a 7-day step average that I completed in around 2 days. The challenge was to take 15,000 steps during the 7 days.

This Fitbit adventure is non-competitive in which I had to digitally walk along a path while enjoying the scenic landmarks, and learning fitness/health tips. and reaching a daily destination. It is fun, motivating, and easy to do. Only the Virtual Premium challenges are included in the Premium subscription.

If you and your loved one need extra doses of motivation, you may want to explore the Adventure race which is almost the same as the solo adventure but competitive and you can do it with friends and family. You can see first, second and third place. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 30 can participate.

Health Coaching

This Premium feature found under the Discover section in the Fitbit app main screen is a personalized plan created by your coach. They will provide you guidance using your Fitbit data to help you lose weight, stay active, and achieve health/fitness goals.

You can start a 30-day free trial and thereafter you will be charged 54.99 per month. Also, you may subscribe and cancel before the 30-day trial is up.

I have never used this functionality but if you need additional support from an expert in the comfort of your home it is worth trying.

Stress management score breakdown

Fitbit shows you a stress score where a higher number means your body is showing fewer levels of stress that will be breakdown into the following metrics:

  • Responsiveness – It can tell you how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) reacts when you are stressed out. It releases stress hormones which cause the heart rate to increase, make you tense, and other symptoms. Fitbit uses heart rate variability (HRV) during deep sleep, elevated heart rate while at rest sleep heart rate above your resting heart rate, and electrodermal activity based on an EDA scan (Only available on Fitbit Sense).
  • Exertion – This means how physical activity can affect your stress levels. For example, la ack of activity can make you feel stressed while too much exercise can also make you stressed out and fatigued. Fitbit uses daily steps, weekly activity level, and fitness level vs exercise fatigue to calculate this metric.
  • Sleep patterns – This data indicates your sleep quality and how you deal with stress. Keep in mind that the more stress in your body the hardest it is to fall asleep. This score uses total sleep over the past week, restlessness, and time spent on REM and deep sleep.

To see this score, you will need to do the following:

  • Take at least 500 steps a day,
  • Also, wear your Fitbit fitness watch for at least 14 hours a day.
  • Use your device for at least 3 hours between 8 PM today and 1 pm tomorrow
  • Sync your Fitbit watch to the app every morning upon awakening

In my own experience, my stress management is from 68 to 80. Most of the time, I get a higher score in responsiveness and the lowest is sleep pattern which matches my sleep quality data.

View your trends

This is typically a free feature but for Premium users, you can see 7 and 30 days of Health metrics such as resting heart rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability (HRV).

To see a 7, 30, or 90-day history, tap on “Learn more” under each metric. It will show you the numbers for each day so you can find any trends or improvements.

Features that don’t require the Premium subscription

You can enjoy many features that don’t require a Premium membership. A few guided programs are available. Also, most of the Challenges and Adventures are free. You can access the App gallery which has around 20 different face watches. It does not have a variety of apps to choose from as I expected. You will see the same apps included but it does not offer anything new app to add.

These are the non-Premium functionalities that you can see in your Fitbit app dashboard (Today tab) and are available to you:

Active zone minutes

It tracks your time performing a cardio activity. Besides, it follows the American Heart Association guidelines which recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.

Fitbit will customize your heart rate zone based on your fitness level and age. Heart rate zones can tell if you have been exercising at the right intensity. They may change depending on your daily resting heart rate.

You can earn activity zone minutes depending on how hard you are training. Earn 1 minute for working out in the fat burn zone or 2 minutes in the cardio zone.

Stress management

Although you will receive the stress management score only Premium subscribers will see a breakdown of the score as described above. Also, under “Reflections”, you can indicate how you are feeling to receive personalized recommendations or workout suggestions. Most of the time I felt “Calm” or “Neutral” so I would helpful tips to improve my mood.


You can learn how to meditate to improve your stress management skills. There are a couple of free sessions that can help soothe your mind. I am looking forward to trying them once my subscription is over.

Sleep tracker

The Fitbit app will show sleep quality and sleep stages. Keep in mind that the sleep score and additional insights care are only available with Premium.

Track your physical activity

Inspire 2 can track 6 activities in real-time such as running, biking, swimming, treadmill, weights, and interval workout right from your wrist. Swipe down until you find “Exercise” and choose your favorite activity.

Also, you can update the list from the Dashboard, tap on your profile picture, and tap on Inspire 2. Go to Exercise shortcuts and swipe left on any activity to remove. Then you can add an activity or drag handles to reorder.

Also, it is possible to enter previous workouts. Go to Dashboard and find the “Exercise” section and tap on the + sign. Tap on “Log previous” and then you can type any activity from aerobics to Zumba.

The Fitbit app can tell how much activity you are getting depending on your goals. It also tells the workouts in Heart rate Zone minutes, calories, days active, and more.

Since Inspire 2 is swim-proof it can automatically track how long you have been swimming.

Its specific and complete data has shown me that I need to engage in more cardiovascular activities such as walking, running, and dancing.

Health Metrics

You can see how you are doing by viewing your breath rate during sleep which can be a great indicator of sleeping problems and overall health. Also, you can see heart rate variability and resting heart rate (RHR).

The free version will show you only a 7-day history.

Resting heart rate (RHR)

To see this data, wear your Fitbit to sleep and Fitbit will use your resting heart rate to estimate your Cardio fitness score. To receive more accurate data you can connect GPS from your smartphone to the watch and run if you can do so. You can enable connected GPS right on your wrist by swiping down until you find Settings. Make sure “Phone GPS” Is on.

In addition, you can see your Cardio fitness score from your Dashboard. Tap on “Resting heart rate”. You will a graph showing RHR history. Swipe to the left to see your Cardio fitness.

According to Fitbit, my cardio fitness score is 35-39 Excellent since I was sticking to a fitness plan that consists of strength, cardio, and stretching at least 3 to 5 days a week.

Fitbit Inspire 2 HR accuracy

I have tested the Inspire 2 heart rate monitor 3 times by manually checking my heart pulse as described here. In the first test, the reading was the same and the other two Inspire 2 showed one beat lower than my manual reading.

In my opinion, Inspire 2 is accurate enough and that’s very important especially if your heart health is a priority.


Fitbit will show you hourly activity that tells you how active and whether you need to move more. Tap on the step section of the Dashboard to see your metrics. You can customize or cancel your move alerts by tapping on the setting icon on the top part of the screen.

After testing the Fitbit Inspire 2’s step counter I can say it is pretty precise although sometimes it took a couple of seconds to record the steps. I counted them while I was walking. Although Inspire 2 was showing 2-3 steps off, it recorded the exact number of steps most of the time.

Manually log health data

You can input the number of pounds lost, water intake, menstrual period, and food. You will see the history and how much is left to reach the goal for each.

The information is easy to enter by tapping the plus sign on the Dashboard. You can change goals and settings for each metric.

I used the water log for a while which has helped me keep hydrated and reach my water intake goal. I don’t like to use the log but it is a great tool to help you find any health patterns.

Keep track of your Inspire 2 with Tile.

How to find a lost Fitbit Inspire 2? Just download the Tile app from your iPhone and Android to receive alerts to help find it. Open the app and add your Inspire 2. You can set up an account or sign in with Facebook. For Tile to work, you need to allow location permission. Add a Tile and follow the instructions on your smartphone screen.
To find your device open the app and choose the Inspire 2 Tile, Tap on “Find”. The Tile app shows a signal strength that can tell how close you are to the device. As you move the signal may get stronger which means you are close enough.
It comes with a Premium version for $29.99 per year and Premium Protect for $99.99 a year. However, you get 1 month for free. Also, you can buy a Tile for your keys. Prices range from $34.99 for 1 tile to $99.99 for a 4-pack.
It took me just a couple of minutes to complete the configuration process. To test this feature I left my Inspire 2 in the bedroom and I went to the living room.
The signal started with moderate and as I got closer it changed to strong. Then I found it vibrating. It worked fine but since I always use my Inspire 2 I don’t need it.
Make sure your fitness tracker is charged and you have enough internet connectivity.

Inspire 2 issues and solutions

This Fitbit entry-level fitness tracker is very easy to use and suitable for beginners. However, I have encountered the following issues that were easily resolved by going to Settings:

  • Did not record Sleep score, Heart rate variability (HRV), and breathing rate.

So many people have encountered this issue. I wore the Inspire 2 fitness watch to sleep, but I did not see the numbers for these metrics the next day.

Solution: From Inspire 2 display I swiped down until I saw “Settings”. Swipe up until you tap on “Sleep Mode”. Make sure the Sleep mode is Off and the Schedule is On. You can update your Sleep hours by tapping Sleep Interval. I have been receiving data ever since. Also, I inactivated the Do Not Disturb mode (DND) which helped me receive the sleeping quality data.

DND is used if you want to receive calls, texts, calendars, and app notifications during the day.

  • Always-on-screen not working

The first time I wore Fitbit Inspire 2 I noticed the screen did not stay on.

Solution: Once you turn off the Sleep mode as described above this issue should be resolved.

To see your numbers without having to swipe your watch do the following:

  • Gently press the sides of your Inspire 2 display.
  • Tap the display to see your calories burnt, distance, steps, exercise, and heart rate. Keep doing it to see each metric.
  • Heart rate data is not showing

Another problem people are encountering is that Inspire 2 will not track heart rate data. When I checked the settings I realized that “Heart rate” was off.

Solution: On the fitness watch. Swipe down to find Settings. Swipe up until you see “Heart Rate”. If it is off tap once to turn it on.

  • Skin irritation

One of the issues I had was a bit of rash on my wrist when I sweat. It was itchy and got a little red.

Solution: Keep the area dry and put in some medicated anti-itch ointment if it is necessary. However, I did not have to use anything to stop the itch. I just take off the fitness watch before showing. Also, make sure you did not wear the watch too tight.

How my health has improved since I am wearing Fitbit Inspire 2

After monitoring my physical activity, sleep, stress management, and heart rate while wearing Fitbit Inspire 2, I found some health patterns and changes.

The sweeping score did not change much at first, but when I started the “Habits for Restful Sleep” challenge, it slightly improved from the 70s to the lower 80s. The breathing rate per minute was 22 and now it lowered to 19 after doing my breathing exercises. The heart rate variability (HRV) has not changed much. Sometimes it fluctuates from 27 to 34 milliseconds. The more relaxed I go to sleep the higher my HRV.

To increase HRV it is important to stay active, eat healthily, and manage stress levels. Your doctor can help you make positive changes and adopt healthy habits.

My resting heart rate has also decreased from 74 to 67 in four weeks. This is a result of Mindful exercises which have helped me relax easier. Now, I can fall asleep faster than before.

The Cardio score is still the same (excellent) since I keep exercising and staying active.

Because the sleep pattern has improved somehow the stress management score is in the 80s. However, the zone minutes show that I don’t engage in more intense activities. Most of the time I stay in the “Fat burn” zone.

In summary, I have to continue keeping my stress levels down, stay active, and do more cardio.

Is it any better than Inspire 3?

I did not see mayor difference between Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 except for the screen. The latter has an always-on color display and ambient light sensor. This is a great update fsince Inspire 2 offers a monochrome screen. In additon, Inspire 3 boasts infrared sensors for blood oxygen monitoring. Both contenders has the same battery life of 10 days.

Learn more about Fitbit Inspire 3 and enhance your fitness journey. Train smarter not harder.

Our verdict: Is Fitbit Inspire 2 really worth it?

Wearing this popular Fitbit fitness watch has changed my mindset about health and fitness in a positive way. I am more focused on making little changes to improve my quality of life.

It is funny that I was the one who was put to the test.

If you are looking for a simple fitness tracker that can help you improve physically and mentally Fitbit Inspire 2 can be a great choice.

I don’t think the issues described are a deal breaker since they can be easily resolved. If you ask me if Inspire 2 is worth the money I would say “yes” because I have learned how to take care of myself more.

Also, wearing Fitbit Inspire 2 helped me realized that “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is the key to reach your health/fitness goals.

Final words

Like any fitness tracker, Fitbit Inspire 2 may have its flaws (lack of Built-in GPS or color display) but if you are looking for an entry-level fitness watch with an accurate heart rate monitor this can be a great choice.

Although I have always liked more advanced fitness trackers, I had fun wearing Inspire 2. Going thru the metrics and health data was an interesting way to know me more.

Setting it up was a bit of a pain until I found out how to fix the issues described above. Thereafter, wearing it has been a breeze.

We hope that our detailed post “Fitbit Inspire 2 review: Tried and tested. Is it worth it?” can help you make a decision and to get the most out of your Fitbit Inspire 2.