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How to connect your fitness watch to a phone the right way

connect your fitness watch to a phone

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Connecting a fitness tracker to a smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS, is very easy. It just takes a couple of steps to get ready to have fun and discover a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is a new fitness tracker or a smartphone that you just got you should be able to link them with no major complications. What is the best way to connect your smart bracelet to a smartphone?

Please note that the settings might differ from a fitness watch to another. However, you need to do the same steps no matter if you have a device that works with either Android or iOS.

Linking your tracker to your cell phone (Android or iOS) is just a matter of common sense. You need to make sure both devices are fully charged and should be on. Access your smartphone and go to Settings. Turn on the Bluetooth so your smartphone can communicate with your fitness band. Go to your fitness gadget application on your smartphone and access the main menu. Add your fitness tracker to your application and that’s it!

I prefer to bind my device in an area with enough phone or WIFI signal to achieve a successful connection with no interruptions.

If you just bought a new smartphone the process is the same. Just make sure that once you set up your phone, the Bluetooth should be on. Also, you will need to download your fitness tracker’s application depending on your fitness tracker.

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How to easily pair a fitness watch to a phone

Below are some tips that will help you successfully bind your smart fitness gadget and prevent any malfunctions.

  1. Check your user manual so you can become familiar either with your smart fitness gadget or your phone
  2. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important that both your wearable device and phone are charged and have a good battery charge.
  3. Very important: Make sure that you allow your fitness application permission to access at least -your phone’s location, phone, and storage- so the Bluetooth and app features can work. In Android,  go to Settings, tap on Apps, go to the fitness application and tap on permissions. Depending on the application you can be prompted to allow permissions. In iOS,
  4. Your phone’s Bluetooth should be on.
  5. Bluetooth should be a low energy technology – Bluetooth 4.0 – which is an optimized version of Bluetooth. It uses less energy to communicate with other devices that use Bluetooth 4.0.
  6. Your smart fitness tracker needs to be near the phone (around 2 inches)
  7. The stronger the WIFI or phone signal is the better. It helps you successfully connect your smartwatch to your phone without any interruptions.
  8. Make sure that your phone is running the later versions of mobile operating systems (Android – 4.4, iOS – 8, Windows 10 mobile)

Your smart wristband is still not binding? We can help.

Sometimes we may encounter problems that can affect the pairing process. It can be from poor signal to low battery charge. If you are having trouble linking your fitness trackers please follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure that your phone and fitness tracker application is up to date. To check if your Android phone needs an update go to Settings and then About phone. Go to System update. For iOS, phones go to Settings, General and then Software update. To check if your fitness tracker app needs an update in Android to go to Google Play and go to “My app and games”. You will be prompted if the app needs an update. For iOS, you need to go to the App Store on your iPhone. Tap Updates in the bottom navigation bar tap on Update all.
  2. Also, make sure that your phone or your tracker is not in Airplane mode and that the Bluetooth is on. Go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth. Turn it on and add your device.
  3. Try to connect your smart fitness watch to your phone. Open your fitness device application and add the device. If the Bluetooth is not on you will be prompted to turn it on.
  4. Another alternative would be to turn off both your phone and fitness tracker. Wait a couple of seconds and turn them on. Some phones have a restart option that can be used as well.

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Try these bonus useful tips for connecting your fitness watch to a phone

What you can do if you still cannot connect your fitness tracker to your phone?

  1. Unpair your tracker from your smartphone. Go to Bluetooth, tap on the device name and tap on Forget.
  2. Remove your tracker from the fitness application if you have this option. Some applications will just ask you to add a new device.
  3. You may also need to uninstall the fitness application and install it again.
  4. Connect your tracker to your smartphone following the above steps
  5. If you still are having a hard time you may need to reset your watch to factory settings. It means that you will lose all the saved data and will revert to factory settings. The good thing is that it will solve any issues.
  6. You may need to contact the manufacturer if nothing works. The tracker may be defective. They can fix it for you, give you a new one or issue a refund.

Resetting your fitness tracker to factory setting

Note: Keep in mind that these settings will erase all the data from your phone’s internal storage such as email accounts, system data, app data, downloaded applications, music, photos, and other user data.

This should work for both Android and iOS.: Go to Settings and tap on System or Reset depending on the device. Connect your fitness tracker to your phone following the above steps.

Smart bracelets that do not require a smartphone or computer

For those who are not tech-savvy or want a smart bracelet that is easy to use I can suggest a fitness watch that does not require to be connected to a phone or a computer. You can access your fitness stats such as steps, heart rate, calories burnt, etc. from the device instead of linking it to a smartphone.

This a preferred device among seniors, busy users or even people who want to keep things easier. The stats are reset at midnight so you have the whole day to monitor your progress before the data is erased. Also, they usually have a longer battery life that can go uncharged for many days.

For example, the Adorecco smartwatch, which is available on Amazon, can track your sleep, calories burned, steps, and distance but you do not have Bluetooth. It is suitable for children, adults, and seniors. What I love about this device is that you can check your data on the smart bracelet without having to link it to any other device.

They have longer battery life like the iGank that last 15 days; very minimal charging. It has a 3D motion sensor, tracks walking distance, steps and calories burnt. I like that this device is for everyone from adults to children to seniors.

In addition, many fitness gadgets will give you two alternatives: you can view your stats on your device and you can see live stats or progress from a smartphone. You can choose not to connect your tracker to your smartphone but you will be missing many of the features that your fitness tracker has to offer.


Now you know how to connect your fitness watch to phone correctly and we hope that our tips have solved any issues.

Most of the fitness tracker issues, such as smart bracelets not binding may be solved by reading the user manual. It may be a bit of a hassle but in most cases, it has worked.

I suggest that to get the most of your tracker it is strongly advised to get familiar with your product before considering other options. You will save time, money and of course, you will have peace of mind.

In a world where technology keeps innovating, fitness wearable companies will keep improving their functionality and accuracy. Let’s hope they bring more efficiency and fewer issues.