• Fitness watches with heart rate monitor to help you stay engaged

    When it comes to working out, there is nothing more encouraging than knowing where you stand!
    Whether you are currently active or a beginner, one of the most important aspects of exercising safely is knowing how much fitness activity you are getting. A fitness tracker or smartwatch with heart rate monitoring can help you train smart and achieve realistic goals.
    Our essential guide offers thoroughly researched HR monitors with great features such as GPS, waterproof, oximeter, blood pressure, and more.


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Fitness watches with continuous heart rate monitor

These fitness watches can monitor your heartbeats per minute although they have other features as well. Select one that is the right one for you.

One of the best motivational tools, Fitbit Inspire 2 features a continuous HR monitor that also tracks resting heart rate. It uses this data to calculate calorie burn.

Besides, it includes 20+ modes and can track all-day activity. It is slim and easy to use. Those who need an entry-level fitness watch can a great start to their fitness journey.

Buy this highly recommended HR fitness tracker and be ready to sweat.

Stylish and large watch display, Letscom is one of the best smartwatches with a heart rate monitor under $50.

It uses a continuous heart rate monitor to help you stay on the know. Besides, it tracks your all-day physical activities and it has music control.

Get this budget fitness watch with a heart rate to exceed your fitness expectations.

If you want everything in a smartwatch, Versa 3 can is the way to go.

The 24/7 heart rate monitor works with PurePulse 2.0, an advanced HR technology.

Not only it boasts built-in GPS but Alexa built-in as well.

Give this water-resistant smartwatch with a HR monitor a try and reach all your health fitness goals.


Blood pressure watches

Below are referenced fitness watches with blood pressure monitor have other functionalities to help improve your quality of life. Discover which one can give the big picture of your heart health.

If your cardiovascular health is a priority, you want to try Topkech Smart Watch. Besides monitoring blood pressure, this device features 24 sport modes and it is waterproof.

This lightweight fitness watch is economical and suitable for everyone.

Discover this smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor and get a clear picture of your heart health.

MorePro Smartwatch monitors your blood pressure continuously and will give you tips on how to keep normal blood pressure.

This budget-friendly tool features 6 sport modes, period reminder, and all-day activity monitoring. It can be used for swimming, diving, and water sports.

This affordable fitness watch comes with a weather forecast as well.

Learn more about this smartwatch with BP monitor suitable for beginners and boost your motivation.

One of the best cheap smartwatches with lots of features, DoSmarter Smart Watch cannot go wrong. It monitors real-time blood pressure and alerts you to move.

Swimming friendly, this tool can help you stay active and engaged. From taking pictures to waterproof functionalities this fitness watch has a lot to offer.

Read more about this multisport smartwatch with blood pressure and transform your life today.

Fitness watches with pulse oximeter

These fitness watches can monitor your oxygen levels in your blood although they have other features as well. See which one can satisfy your needs.

The impressive Apple Series 6 smartwatch is 20% faster than its predecessor Series 5. Also, the Always Retina display is 30% larger than the Series 3. It monitors oxygen levels with the Blood Oxygen App.

You can get heart rate alerts as well. With the ECG app, you can generate a single lead electrocardiogram anytime.  You can listen to music and get calls/texts.

Do you need an advanced smartwatch with an oximeter and ECG? Discover more about Apple Watch Series 6 features and benefits.

Fashionable and lightweight, Garmin Vivosmart 4 can transform even the most sedentary lifestyles. This advanced fitness tracker tracks oxygen levels during the night.

With a relaxation breather timer included, this Garmin fitness watch monitors stress levels. Also, it features a body battery energy monitor, and VO2Max (maximum oxygen uptake to help optimize your workout.

Learn more about this Garmin fitness tracker with an oxygen sensor and take your fitness plan to the next level.



Featuring all-day activity tracking, Letsfit Smart Watch has many features for an affordable price. It analyzes sleep quality and heart rate continuously.

Letsfit has a music control so you enjoy your workout while you play your favorite hits without using your smartphone. The display is easy to read and the LCD touch screen is 1.4 inches.

Check this smartwatch with an oximeter suitable for seniors to simplify the fitness routine.


Fitness trackers with GPS built-in

These GPS fitness watches are great for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging and running. Also, they may have other functionalities that make them versatile.

One of the best fitness trackers with integrated GPS, Fitbit Charge 4, offers great functionalities to help achieve your fitness goals. It features a workout intensity map that shows route and heart rate changes in the Fitbit app.

In addition, it boasts advanced heart rate sensors and monitors your heart rate continuously. It is swim-proof and a 7-day better life.

Learn more about this advanced and stylish GPS fitness watch and start pushing yourself harder either indoors or outdoors.

Garmin 35 is comfortable and lightweight. The GPS built-in GPS that tracks your pace, distance, and intervals top help enhance fitness level.

It has a continuous heart rate monitor, music control, and all-day activity tracking. You can see your progress right on your wrist.

Discover the Garmin running watch with an integrated GPS and optimize your outdoor workout.

Looking for a premium smartwatch with GPS and music?  You can enjoy the outdoors with the TOPO maps (topographic mapping) and integrated GPS. Galileo, and GLONASS.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro also features built-in sensors for a barometric altimeter, a gyroscope, and 3 axis compass which makes it suitable for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.

Learn more about one of the best GPS watches for hiking and running and make your hiking a fun but safe experience.




Fitness smartwatches

If you don't like fitness trackers we have you covered. Try a smartwatch instead to keep you connected while monitoring your fitness performance. They have other functionalities that allow you to enjoy your favorite activities. Check these out and enhance your lifestyle.

Apple Watch SE can give you an insight into your fitness health right on the wrist.

You can customize many exercise modes such as running, walking, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga.

Also, you can listen to the favorite music and receive higher/lower than normal heart rate/irregular rhythm alerts.

The irregular rhythm alert feature is not intended for individuals under 22 years old.

Explore one of the best smartwatches for health and fitness and bring your routine to the next level.



If you are a Versa fan but you are on a budget, know that the Fitbit Versa 3’s predecessor is still one of the most popular smartwatches.

With more than 20 exercise modes you can set goals and receive real-time feedback.

Versa 2 features Amazon Alexa built-in to check the weather, set alerts, and more. It comes with music control, a sleep tracker, Always on-display mode, 6+ better life, and more.

Read more about one of the top smartwatches suitable for women and men to help you attain your goals.

With a built-in pace coaching included, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can be the perfect fitness companion you are looking for.

With the Samsung Health app,  you can get personalized feedback using heart rate and activity data to help you improve.

Comfortable and stylish, this Samsung smartwatch can send you higher/lower than normal heart rate.

Using the Calm app, Galaxy Watch Active 2 can monitor your stress levels and help you relax.

Ready to push yourself harder? Try this Samsung slim smartwatch to power up your fitness plan.

Fitness trackers suitable for swimming

Water sport or swim-friendly fitness watches are great devices to track your progress and help you improve. Many of them have many other functionalities for every need. Transform your life with these fitness trackers for swimmers and know where you stand.

An advanced waterproof fitness watch, Polar Ignite can help you to get better at swimming.

You can see your heart rate, pace, time. stroke rate, and even swimming style. In addition, it will show a SWOLF score to keep tracking your progress.

It features the FitSpark daily training guide to get personalized training guidance. You can learn about your sleep quality with Sleep Plus Stages functionality.

Ready to ignite your workout routine? Read more about this swim-friendly smartwatch suitable for women and men.



MorePro Mix (V10 model) features a continuous blood pressure and heart rate monitor.

You can take cold showers with it (not hot showers), swim, and in the rain.

It also has a menstrual cycle reminder, daily activity tracking, remote sensing camera, and sleep monitor.

Discover one of the best water-proof fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor and take charge of your health and fitness.




The user-friendly and waterproof Yamay (model SW021) can make your fitness routine so much fun. Although it does not track your swimming you can use it in the water, under the rain, or shower.  It features 9 sport modes and a continuous HR monitor.

Besides, it helps you relax with the deep breath training feature. You can control your favorite music without using your smartphone.

Get this budget waterproof fitness tracker to remain inspired and healthy.

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